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Bear N Mom Recipes - Easter Bread

Updated on October 5, 2016
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This is the dough you would use for all your sweet dough recipes for that Old World flavor. I normally only made this bread for Easter but it can be made for any special occasion and used to make sweet dough for breakfast rolls with cherry pie fillings and drizzle icings.


  • 5 lb. Flour, plus a little
  • a pinch Salt
  • 2 handfuls Powdered Milk
  • $1 worth Cake Yeast, from a bake shop
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 2 handfuls Crisco
  • 6 Eggs, uncooked
  • 5 Eggs, Hard boiled and colored

How to Prepare and Bake

Step 1.
Preheat Oven to 350°
Grease 7 loaf pans and set aside.
Soften the yeast in your large mixer bowl filled about half full with lukewarm water.
Put all of the dry ingredients into a large aluminum restaurant bowl (substitute your largest bowl because this recipe tends to raise fast and voluminously).
Pour the softened yeast, water and eggs over the dry ingredients.
Add Crisco.
Mix well by hand until all of the flour is absorbed and the dough feels smooth. You will add additional flour if the dough feels too moist or additional Crisco if the dough feels too dry.
Set the bowl in a warm place to raise with an old style linen towel covering the bowl.
Depending on the type of yeast you used the dough will be raised in approximately 1/2 hour to and hour.

Step 2:
Punch down the raised dough and cut into 7 portions.
Here is where you can get creative. Nunny always cut each of these portions into 3 and braided the loaf. You can either put the dough in the pan in one piece or do as Nunny did. Your choice. Place a colored Easter egg in the center of the loaf. (You can add more Easter eggs to each loaf, but tradition says always to use an uneven number on a loaf.)
Repeat this for each loaf of bread, cover with the towel and set back to raise.

Place the raised loaf of bread in the oven to bake.
Bread is done when it is golden brown and sounds hollow when knocked on in center of the loaf.
Remove bread from pans onto racks to cool. While bread is cooling spread some Crisco onto the entire loaf to keep the bread from drying out.


By making your braid in a circle, you can make a special loaf for the Easter buffet table that is shaped like an Easter Basket as a decorative centerpiece to be used as a pull-apart with your meal.

You can use this recipe for making cinnamon rolls by rolling smaller pieces and putting them into a cake pan. Adding raisens and nuts give it a different flavor. This is also the dough you would use for Pecan Rolls. Recipe on Separate Page.


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  • SimeyC profile image

    Simon Cook 7 years ago from NJ, USA

    Mmmmm nothing like some fresh baked bread with some butter - I really have to try this - thanks for the great instructions!