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Bear N Mom - Doughnuts - Krispy Kreme vs Dunkin Donut

Updated on October 5, 2016

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Krispy Kreme Selection
Krispy Kreme Selection
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Dunkin Donut Selection

I read an article on my Yahoo sign in page lamenting that Krispy Kreme is in trouble because of trying to expand their facilities and business too fast. While it is true that trying to advance a business too fast and over extending credit in order to do that will adversely affect your business and your business plan, I personally do not think that is why this phenomena in the donut business is starting to fail.

I know that millions of people love Krispy Kreme donuts but I can't stand them. They are just geasy gloops of fried products. The first time my children insisted that we stop at what was the first Krispy Kreme location in Pittsburgh, I almost choked from the greasy aroma that permeated the entire store and parking area. True I have a tricky gall bladder but I find nothing out of the ordinary about these offerings that they want to call donuts. I recently read that the phenomena of the permeating aroma is a marketing tool for this chain. They felt that smelling the donuts would bring in more customers. In my case, it would have driven me away.

I was so disappointed when our local convenience store found themselves without a local bakery to supply their donuts on Sunday mornings. They were forced to bring in these disgustingly overrated representations of donuts. I cheered when they started baking their own just a few short months ago and have gone back to purchasing donuts from them when I'm in the mood for a donut.

Ok, I'll get off the bandwagon on Krispy Kreme and going on to Dunkin Donuts.

While Dunkin Donuts has somewhat passable donuts and are a step up from Krispy Kreme, I find these newer openings of the Dunkin Donut chain to be less than terrific donuts too. Dunkin Donuts is part of the Baskin Robbins food group and they have a mediocre product in my estimation. Before they closed most of their shops in the Pittsburgh area, their products were much better. I don't understand what happened to their recipes or why this happened but Dunkin Donuts does not get my seal of approval either.

The best donut chain in the area was the Mister Donut group, but I understand that they were bought out or merged with Dunkin Donuts. That is a shame because they had a very good product and their variations were most appetizing and they had a great sense for marketing their products for the season. They would make their donuts into mini easter baskets with marshmallow chicks on them. Or they made a donut on a stick for Halloween. I really miss their creativity.

Perhaps the problem with making donuts is the fact that in today's economy it is too expensive to make a good product. I'm in favor of going back to making my own. The true trick to making a good donut is to not pierce the donut so that it takes on too much grease while it's being fried. You always need to use a slotted spoon to turn or remove them so as to keep the oil out of the donut.

Dont be afraid to tell me I'm full of malarkey if you don't agree with my review. I invite your comments concerning either of these chains.

My favorite bakery when they were in Fox Chapel Plaza
My favorite bakery when they were in Fox Chapel Plaza

Personal Comments

The above hub is just my opinion. In defense, I simply love donuts. My very favorite donut is a raised donut with gooey white icing and angel hair coconut sprinkled on it. Now you are talking donuts. Bear, my husband, loved cake donuts after he was diagnosed with Diabetes but when he drove to a local bus company he always had a box of donuts on the dashboard. You could say our whole family were donut connoisseurs. The one daughter just loved her Easter Basket Donuts but never turned down a donut for any occasion.

When I was younger I would always stop at the Stoecklein's Bakery that moved to Blawnox before again moving to Penn Hills and buy 3 dozen assorted donuts to take to work with me for the 8 people who worked in our department. Overkill on the ratio of donuts. Not really because they were gone by lunch time. I always had at least 3 of the coconut ones to appease my sweet tooth. I haven't had any of their selection since they moved to Penn Hills.


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