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Lent and I don't Like Fish - Alternative Recipes

Updated on February 13, 2018
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Doing food reviews is personal to me and my tastes. I know that everyone is not going to agree with my opinions and that's okay!!

Tuna Noodle Casserole
Tuna Noodle Casserole

I'm Catholic and I married an Italian BUT I DON'T LIKE FISH. That in itself is a controversy because when I was growing up you didn't eat meat on Friday year round. Then the Catholic Church changed the ruling to refrain from eating meat only on the Fridays in Lent.

I have attended and helped with a Fish Fry every year at our Elks Lodge for the Lenten Season. As a result I normally eat a fish sandwich at least once a year just because they make the best fish sandwich in the area around the northern area of Pittsburgh. It was a one pound fish sandwich and I normally bought an extra bun so that I can share two of the pieces with my son who loves fish. They served two sides with every Fish Dinner and Stewed Tomato and applesauce can be bought along with the regular french fries and cole slaw. This Elks Lodge has since closed but the other Lodge I belong to still has a Lenten Fish Fry.

Speaking of my son, he always loved the fish that they make at Labriola's but for years you could only get it during Lent on Fridays. They also make an excellent frozen pizza but they only make the cheese pizza during Lent. So there is another great substitute for Fish on Friday, Pizza with cheese or even one of those great vegetable pizzas that are so popular in the frozen section of your supermarket.

Anchovy Pasta
Anchovy Pasta

This hub will be devoted to recipes and links to recipes for other meatless meals that can be substituted for fish. So far I have published recipes for a few dinners such as Pasta Neggi, Original Homemade Macaroni and Cheese and Anchovie Pasta. While the Anchovie Pasta is made mostly on Christmas Eve it can be used at any time of the year. I must confess the Macaroni and Cheese was normally only made on Fridays in our house and normally as a treat. Pasta Neggi was a favorite of one of my stepchildren and we made that throughout the year and on a regular basis. Another family favorite was Tuna Noodle Casserole.


Eggs are a great substitute and the first thing that comes to mind is:

EGG SALAD: Very simple to make -- just boil a few eggs, chop up the eggs with some celery. Add Mayonnaise or in our house salad dressing and mix. Serve on toast or buns with tomato and lettuce.

Egg and Pepper Sandwich
Egg and Pepper Sandwich

PEPPER AND EGG SANDWICH: This was a my husband's favorite and his mom made if on Fridays for his lunch when he came home from school. Just sauté some green pepper slices in the skillet. Add Eggs and scramble. Put on bread and enjoy. If you have some homemade bread it's even better.

Brocolli Frittata
Brocolli Frittata

TOMATO AND BROCCOLI FRITTA: This is a make over that my son made up from the Easter Fritta recipe and it comes out with a blend of flavors that make the dish interesting. Tomato and Broccoli Fritta recipe.

Tuna Salad on White Toast
Tuna Salad on White Toast


Even though I don't like Fish, I do like some of the other seafood items that you can either buy or make.

TUNA FISH SALAD: My Dad's tunafish salad sandwich at his lunchonette was one of my favorite Friday sandwiches. All he did was drain the oil (water) out of the tin and mix with chopped celery and mayonnaise. Spread on bread or a bun with tomato and lettuce. Yum!

Tuna on Lettuce with Tomato Slices
Tuna on Lettuce with Tomato Slices

FROZEN SHRIMP, SALMON AND CRAB CAKES: If you want breaded shrimp, salmon or crab cakes today, you don't need a recipe. Just go up and down the frozen food section of your supermarket and you can pick from delicacies that just need to be heated in your oven. You don't even have to get out the deep fryer any more because these scrumptious foods can be baked in the oven and save your heart from all of that extra cholesterol.

ZUCCHINI AND VEGETABLE RECIPES: The modern day supermarkets have anything you want in the way of vegetables. You don't have to wait for the growing season to make some of your favorite recipes. My favorite is french fried mushrooms.


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  • bearnmom profile imageAUTHOR

    Laura L Scotty 

    3 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Thank you, Kristen. You posted that comment 5 mos. ago and I only got it today...go figure???? I appreciate your visit to my pages.

  • Kristen Howe profile image

    Kristen Howe 

    4 years ago from Northeast Ohio

    I love all of your suggestions to take into consideration to have for Lent this year. Happy eating!


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