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Tender Liver Smothered in Onions

Updated on January 13, 2018
Liver and Onions
Liver and Onions

It's strange how many diverse reactions you can get when you mention "Liver and Onions." Some will screw up their faces and look like and advertisement for Mr. Yuck. (For those of you who don't know who Mr. Yuck is: He is the green face with the frown that you see on poisens. This symbol was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by the Poisen Control Center many years ago.) The other extreme reaction is those who love this organ meat and contrive to eat it at home as often as possible.

My father-in-law was one who swore that the only good liver was calves' liver and said he wouldn't eat any other kind. Maybe Nunny only made calves liver but I made my mother's recipe for him and he never knew the difference because it is possible to make tender liver from regular beef liver.

Saute onions.
Saute onions.

Buy the Liver Fresh

The trick to good liver and onions is to purchase your liver fresh the same day you are going to make it.

First thing is to pan fry the onions slices in vegetable oil until they are tender and set them aside.

Flour Liver
Flour Liver

Baste with Flour

Next cover your liver with flour and then pan fry the slices in vegetable oil as quickly as possible on both sides. You may question the fact that beef liver is not always thin but believe me the meat will be tender if you don't cook it to death.

Next plate up your liver with a hefty portion of those fried onions.

Some may like their liver and onions with bacon slices. For those prepare your bacon after the onions and put your bacon on top of the liver and then cover with the onions.

Walah! Liver and onions fit for a king!

Pan fry liver for a quick sear
Pan fry liver for a quick sear


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