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Recommended Reading – Field Guide to Cookies

Updated on October 24, 2010

Are you a fan of delicious home baked cookies? Do you want to have an opportunity to greatly increase your repertoire of cookie baking recipes? If so, Anita Chu’s Field Guide to Cookies is a book that you’ll be really excited to own and read!

About Field Guide to Cookies

With an accurate official title of Field Guide to Cookies: How to Identify and Bake Virtually Every Cookie Imaginable , it shouldn’t come as any surprise that this book is a must-have, must-read publication for anyone who wants to become an expert on the subject of baking cookies at home.

Actually, this book just might appeal to professional bakers as well. Even if you work in a bakery or restaurant, with more than 100 cookie recipes in this book you just might find something new to prepare for your customers or to enjoy yourself when you

What You'll Find in Field Guide to Cookies

Field Guide to Cookies opens with an introductory section that provides an overview to what everyone who wants to master the art of cookie making needs to know. It includes information about the types of ingredients that are key to effective cookie making, information on the kinds of baking tools necessary to bake perfect cookies time and time again, and also details about what is involved in making cookies that are truly perfect.

Major Field Guide to Cookies Sections

Following the introduction, the book continues to sections specific to different types of cookies. The major section headings are:

  • Drop Cookies
  • Bar Cookies
  • Molded Cookies
  • Rolled Cookies

With each section, there are recipes for many different varieties. Each recipe features a general description of the cookie, information about its history, notes for proper baking, and the recipe itself. Each recipe includes a detailed ingredient list and easy to follow, step-by-step mixing, preparation and baking instructions. The expected recipe yield, serving suggestions, and instructions for properly storing the finished product are also provided.

Examples of Field Guide to Cookies Recipes

The book includes instructions for preparing many traditional favorite cookie recipes, as well as directions for how to make some more unusual types of cookies. No matter what kinds of cookies you enjoy, you’re sure to find a number of recipes in Field Guide to Cookies that are destined to become favorites in your household

A few examples of the cookie recipes published in Field Guide to Cookies include:

  • Apple Crumb Bars
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Chinese Almond Cookies
  • Chocolate Espresso Cookies
  • Cowboy Cookies
  • French Macaroons
  • Green Tea Cookies
  • Hermit Cookies
  • Ladyfingers
  • Pecan Pie Bars
  • Viennese Almond Crescents
  • Dozens of additional choices

Special thanks to Quirk Books for providing me with an opportunity to review this book!


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