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Red Hot Shane

Updated on October 10, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.


There Are Times

when I meet people who stand-out from any crowd. All without trying. I am not one of those. The people who stand-out, but with my weight problem, I can be seen as a “crowd.” I did this for the late Henny “Take my wife, please” Youngman, the King of the One-liners. Hope you liked it.

Truthfully, I have never been one of those enlightened, thinking-on-a-higher-level folks who just breeze-through any task, either in a Calculus or Quantum Physics class and make it look easy as falling in the yard. Not me. But that does not mean that I have not dreamed to be one of these special people. Oh, the good things that I could do to help mankind. And the great medicines that I could create to cure our most-dangerous diseases. I give you my word, this are my solemn promises. While I’m at it. Who could forget the late John Lennon’s “Imagine,” because this song fits my life many times.

I wanted to start with my good friend, Shane, and out of respect, I will not use his last name, but the name I just wrote is his real name. Talk about the type of people who I described in the above paragraph, Shane fits the bill. I knew it the first time that I was blessed to meet him. And that was at my job at our local newspaper in my hometown, Hamilton, Ala., and I was taken by surprise when our receptionist called me via our P.A. system and walked to our parking lot only to find Shane dressed to kill (just a phrase), standing by the employees’ automobiles smoking his Marlboro Light. He looked at me and halfway-smiled. So did I. We shook hands briskly like friends do. This can apply to men and women. But Shane and I didn’t embrace. Some women do not embrace other women. Then there are women who do not kiss, but toss those “air kisses” at each other, halfway smile and sit down.

Men do not “air kiss” just in case that you are keeping score. Shane and I talked for a good hour and I was both blessed and relieved that he is not on the booze as he was when he was a teenager. To that, I do not apologize. I say Thank God! A little about Shane and his drinking. I know that he could “down” a fifth of whiskey and almost a case of beer and still make sense. I will tell you that I confidently.

Life Does Go On

as Shane did learn this sometimes-awkward piece of work called life. As we talked, I noticed that there was a certain beam of truth in is eyes to accompany his wide smile. In the old days for me and him, we both were somehow immune to smiling all because of stupidity. No use going into that folder.

Shane shared that his plans were to open a Christian bookstore in Hamilton and he felt strongly that “this” is where he needed to be and was settled with his decision. I cannot say that to a lot of the people I have met. Do not label my hometown for being a heathen town with a heathen standing on every street corner, but I can say that I know a lot of these people, not heathen, and they are okay. Some are friends of mine. Shane was always a friend.

Dreams do come true. One day Shane stopped where I worked and let me know that I could visit his store and see what he had to sell. Okay, I thought. A lot of shoppers will be in town since it is going on Christmas Eve and me? I cannot tolerate huge crowds. And if I know Shane and his charismatic personality, his store would be packed like Atlantic sardines. In two days, I saw this prophecy fulfilled. I walked to Shane’s store and I am telling you that there were people of all races, creeds, and colors all talking at once—reaching, grabbing, and securing the books and Christian CD’s that they wanted and and about half a minute, the entire crowd would let go a massive laugh. I was too stunned to laugh, but I did smile a lot. And when Shane and I were talking over our good times, I was first to be taken by sadness. Shane just looked at the ground and said nothing.


I Have Told You

about Shane. I have told you about is personality. And I have told you about his enlightened I.Q. and breeze-away, laid-back way of living, so you are on my page with me. When the crowd thinned, Shane found me, shook hands, and laughed seemingly for the first time in years. I shared the laugh with him. He begin to tell me how much business that he was having so far and how much he was looking to have during Christmas. And if you are waiting for me to tell you in number amounts, you are going to wait a long time.

But . . .here is the best part of Shane. Not that the rest of him, mind, and outlook are not rare. It was the atmosphere of his store. It smelled like the store had become a 767 airliner and we all flew to New England equipped with this sweet aroma of peeled apples and how the customers were loving it. And me, of course. I knew that this special mixture of apple just had to be Shane’s design, because it had his fingerprints all over it.

I did not go into all of Shane’s apple-scented store aroma, his advertising as it pertained to his store and when we could get together and have lunch. He halfway smiled and said after Christmas. We both laughed. Embraced, shook hands and I left feeling very refreshed.

And relieved for being blessed to see a New Shane.

Okay. What I neglected to share with you about the headline and text, Red Hot Shane is that he took a Cinder Warmer and then took a jumbo bag of (the candy) Red Hots which are very delicious, tastes like cinnamon, so when the Red Hots met the Apple Cinder, the aroma was so wonderful that I secretly-wished that I could eat it. That explains the Red Hot Shane head.

October 1, 2019_____________________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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