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Redcurrant wine.

Updated on July 16, 2011
A murky looking brew
A murky looking brew

After my abject failure in gleaning a good amount of strawberries (see hub entitled 'invisible strawberries', which, in case you failed to realise is very heavy in artistic licence), I returned to the same pick your own farm so that I could further damage my liver via my attempts at home brew.

On my return visit I made straight for the redcurrant bushes. On my first visit I did not get much of a chance to go off and pick as I pleased, due to all the tots from playschool suffering a rare condition that has a weird and wonderful latin name, but for the sake of simplicity, we shall name it here as 'strawberry tunnel vision'.

Despite the draconian, if not downright menacing signs dotted around the field, that demanded that you 'PAY BEFORE YOU TRY', I did manage to have a cheeky little nibble or two of some of the other produce on offer. How else was I to know which of the many berries on offer were suitable to my palette? Looking across the field at the owners sprawling residence, payed for from the proceeds of the multitude of fruit bushes, I am happy to report that I felt absolutly no shame as I munched upon a miniscule percentage of their profits.

That impromptu little tasting session did actually benefit the land owner, due to the fact that it made me resolve to return and make a fruitful purchase. At the end of the picking session, my punnet was three kilos heavier and my pocket was eight pounds lighter. A fair price in my reckoning.

Once home, I embarked upon my own usual style of home brewing. No particular recipe was followed, I just made it up as I went along, loosely baseing it on bits and bobs I had read on the internet. This resulted in a gallon or so of bright pink goo bubbling away in my fermentation bucket for the last week and a half. The goo was also very aromatic upon the sniffer, it has given the whole downstairs of the house the fragrance of a gin palace!

When it was finally strained into a demijohn, it was not the most appealing tipple upon the eye. Although the taste of it holds great promise, it looks more like a gallon jar of fruit sauce, with a disturbingly large amount of sediment forming at the bottom. Methinks a better quality sieve is in order before I make any further attempts at DIY falling over juice. Watch this space for updates.


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    • Skeffling profile image


      7 years ago from Wiarton, Ontario, Canada

      Mmmm looks like there`s red food dye in there! I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes. I`m working on Raspberry-redcurrant-blackcurrant jelly (not enough fruit for wine) and today we have collected the mother lode of honey so more mead on the cards, with strawberry and rhubarb wine lurking in the demijohns.... 'Tis the year of DIY booze. Good luck with yours Roosters!


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