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Restaurant Discounts

Updated on August 12, 2010

Prvin Vaghani(Photo by Unusha Vaghani)

Restaurant Eating Gives me Pleasure
Restaurant Eating Gives me Pleasure
A Famous Gujarati Dish - Restaurants don't have it
A Famous Gujarati Dish - Restaurants don't have it

Restaurant Discounts



Discounts Galore

These days one or other kind of discount is being offered by all the retail stores. We love those disounts. 10% to 80% off ! Wow, that’s great !

But discounts in cafes or restaurants are very rare. Their prices are fixed. They don’t think that they have to promote their business to get more customers other than an occasional ad in the local newspaper.

Love That Discount

Would you yet not love to get some discount when you pay your bill at a restaurant ? And if you are assured of such discount every time you visit the restaurant, would you not visit it more often ?

A Very Special Offer

This is exactly what we will offer you.

We have now a recipe book, which has recipes for your favourite dishes at the restaurants which you can create at home, at an economical cost fr less then what it will cost you in the restaurant.

In addition, you can always go to the restaurant, order that dish from their menu, and taste and compare with your cooking.

And what’s more, to that you also get discount on your bill at the restaurant.

Restaurant meal Cooked at Home

Our “Famous Restaurants in Melbourne” cookbook allows you to do just that.

We are preparing an Ebook of recipes, contributed by the famous restaurant of Melbourne. They have made two part generous offer to you. One, share with you the secret of cooking their prize item to taste which people travel long distance and dine at their restaurant and two, offer you a discount to visit them.

The Cost Nominal

The recipe Ebook will cost you only $99.95 which you will recover in discounts within a few months of your dining at these restaurants and after that it will continue to give you savings all the time without any additional expense.

40% Discount

While on the subject of disounts, it is also decided that the first 200 copies of this great disount Ebook itself will be offered at  40% disount, yes, a whole 40% discount, reducing is price to only $59.95.

Reserve it Now

You do not have to pay for it now.

You will be asked to pay only when the Ebook is ready, which will be very soon.

But you can reserve your copy now by emailing’

Please provide Name, Address and


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