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IHOP in Mustang, Oklahoma is an excellent restaurant choice

Updated on September 13, 2016

Overall review of first year August 2015 - September 2016

Mustang, Oklahoma is a vibrant growing community with a diversity of vocational fields. Within 11 years (2005 - 2016), its economy has incrementally increased. Many new businesses opened in 2014, 2015 and 2016. IHOP was amongst those who literally built their restaurant and opened the beginning of August 2015.

IHOP is not the only restaurant in this small Oklahoman city, but it is the best. I have dined at all the family friendly restaurants in Mustang. When it comes to customer service, quality of food delivered, and overall dining experience (from the minute one walks through the door) IHOP's is incomparable. Granted not all IHOPs are first rate like Mustang's. I have dined at numerous IHOPs in other states plus throughout Oklahoma that did not deliver the same superlative dining out experience. Much has to do with how the individual IHOPs are managed.

At the IHOP in Mustang, Oklahoma management and staff (kitchen, waiting, hosting and cleaning) as a team work flawlessly which has turned this IHOP into an exceptional restaurant. The chef and entire kitchen staff take just the right amount of time to deliver the high quality American food on IHOP's menu.

Now this IHOP was not always as superlative as it is currently. I remember how this restaurant started since its first week open at the beginning of August 2015, newly built with all new everything including the locals hired by this restaurant. The entire restaurant team definitely went through a training phase where the overall dining experience in August through November 2015 was 3 to 3 1/2 stars. In December 2015 this IHOP improved, delivering a consistent four to five stars overall dine-in experience to its customers. Today, this restaurant has been gifting unfalteringly 4 1/2 to 5 stars customer satisfaction in all dining out at a restaurant areas! Better than the other restaurants in Mustang! Every time I thought a plateau had been reached, this restaurant enhanced. Amazing how much this IHOP truly has improved in its first year!

The Manager of Mustang's IHOP, Marod, is one of the best managers I have had the pleasure to befriend. He makes his position look easy to do when in reality most would find it daunting or impossible. Being a manager of a large chain restaurant can be very stressful for Marod is actually in the middle, the position between the local restaurant's team and the corporation behind the business. To me, Marod is an excellent manager, can handle being the middle man for his personality type is perfect for this type of job. Not only does he get along well with the corporation behind IHOP, but it is obvious by how well Mustang's IHOP is run that the entire restaurant staff consider him great to work with, plus firm and fair. The way Marod in the background orchestrates through delegation is something all managers in any field should learn. He has accomplished in this IHOP's first year what many restaurant managers to a large chain restaurant would have claimed impossible for it ended on a successful note. A lot of his managerial success comes from the teamwork and proper restaurant etiquette, not just between interacting with customers, but with fellow staff members that he has instilled. Every employee knows their position is crucial and does their best in order to encourage return visits from the happy customers. Marod's style of management truly works, and Mustang residents, as customers or IHOP employee, are benefiting from his outstanding expertise.

The longest wait via local word of mouth has been twenty-five minutes which is not bad for a smaller in size IHOP. The average wait time is 10 to 15 minutes tops, just depends about time of day and how many want to dine at this delightful restaurant. Most of the time, especially for lunch and dinner, there is no waiting thanks to the exceptional hosting staff. The building's seating capacity has been maxed out on Holidays and during weekends. Sunday morning seemed to me the busiest. It is amazing how size of party does not matter, plenty of seating for all size families and groups!

A great big thank you for how special each customer is treated at Mustang's IHOP. The hosting and wait staff are friendly and take customer satisfaction seriously. They do all they can to accommodate their customers' needs; most leave happy! A very special appreciation from me for all the employees at this IHOP do. Heartfelt gratitude for the excellent hygienic dining experience and delicious food served! Return visits recommended, I definitely will be. Happy dining out to all!

Front of IHOP in Mustang, Oklahoma
Front of IHOP in Mustang, Oklahoma | Source

More about IHOP in Mustang, Oklahoma

There is nothing difficult in finding the IHOP in Oklahoma. It is perfectly situated on East State Highway 152 across the street from the shopping center where Billy Simms Barbecue, Wal-Mart, Payless Shoes and the AT&T store are located. No one, visitors and locals, have had trouble finding this restaurant.

Address: 1068 East State Highway 152, Mustang, Oklahoma 73064

Phone number: (405) 730-8890

No need for reservations, just stop by. This IHOP is open 24 hours, seven days per week.

Want a place to go for dining out with family and friends for the holidays (Thanksgiving, Winter Season Holidays aka Christmas [Yule] and New Year's, National Holidays, plus Summer Vacation), highly recommend this IHOP. They are OPEN all year round!

The best part of making Mustang's IHOP your holiday or vacation dining out destination is they do the cooking and clean up while you happily enjoy a great time with your family and friends. Less stress and no one leaves the table hungry!

Note: IHOP does holiday, seasonal and charity sponsored Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner specials for all ages. Just ask the wait staff if there are any specials for Seniors, adults or children in your party. You will be surprised how much you can save! Many family's have saved a lot just by asking!

Examples of how you can save while dining out at Mustang's IHOP: Senior Citizens during the Winter of 2015 saved money from the Senior BOGO (buy one get one free between specified hours) special that lasted the entire season! St. Patrick's Day 2016 IHOP had a $1 small stack pancake special! August 23, 2016 IHOP also had a $1 small stack pancake special where the proceeds went to a charity that fed children in need.

As of May 2016, the local residents of Mustang, Oklahoma at this IHOP have started something fantastic. It is a pay it forward aspect you probably will not find elsewhere. A regular customer of Mustang's IHOP (no one knows who precisely) picked at random a table and covered their tab, and then told them to pay it forward the next time they come in to this IHOP, pick at random another table to do the same. This has caught on like wildfire! It is my understanding via word of mouth that the person who started it, also became a recipient of this two months later, and of course kept the pay it forward dining at IHOP thing going. It is a beautiful gesture, makes dining out at this IHOP extra special.

Delicious Winter 2015 special combinations that many enjoyed!
Delicious Winter 2015 special combinations that many enjoyed! | Source
5 stars for IHOP in Mustang, Oklahoma


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 14 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Terrific hub. Terrific restaurant. The cloest IHop to me is in Tupelo, Miss., and I love their food and service.

      Although I am on a strict, low sodium diet, I treat myself ever so often for sticking to this murder of a diet for weeks at the time.

      Honored to follow and know you.