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Restaurant Review of PorterHouse Bar & Grill Restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated on March 22, 2020
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The tasty beef brisket, one of my favorite items to order at Porterhouse restaurant

beef brisket with french fries and cole slaw
beef brisket with french fries and cole slaw

PorterHouse Bar & Grill Restaurant Review / The PorterHouse Burger Company Restaurant Review

PorterHouse Bar & Grill Restaurant Review / The PorterHouse Burger Company Restaurant Review

PorterHouse Bar & Grill is located on West Market Street in Greensboro, North Carolina. Sometimes known as The PorterHouse Burger Company, sometimes known as PorterHouse Bar & Grill, and sometimes just known as The PorterHouse, my family has eaten food from PorterHouse Bar & Grill several times now. Often, we are able to find coupons for PorterHouse Bar & Grill and we take advantage of those. Some of the best coupons that we have found from PorterHouse Bar & Grill are buy one entrée get one free, maximum value $14.99. That is an awesome deal. Most recently, that coupon deal has changed to buy one entrée plus two beverages and get one entrée free, maximum value $14.99. While that deal is not quite as good as the previous one, it is still very good.

Although I had seen the PorterHouse Bar & Grill restaurant location several times in passing, my first introduction to eating food from the PorterHouse Bar & Grill restaurant was actually when I attended a fundraiser for my kids’ school. There was a food truck from PorterHouse Bar & Grill at the fundraising event. Sometimes, food trucks are all the rage here in Greensboro. Some proceeds from purchases at the food truck were going to go to the school.

Mac & cheese

macaroni and cheese
macaroni and cheese

The food truck for PorterHouse Bar & Grill restaurant

Parents were waiting in line chatting and getting acquainted with each other if they did not know each other already. The line was pretty long and there was quite a wait. As people received their food orders and left, the running joke among everyone was, “I can’t believe I just spent $18 on a burger!” The burgers from the food truck were ranging in price from around $14.95 to $18.

In the burger’s defense though, there were lots and lots of delicious toppings on top and it was quite an impressive burger. The burgers from the PorterHouse Bar & Grill restaurant’s food truck had various creative names and the one that I remember getting was the “Big Lebowski”. It was a delicious hamburger topped with cheese, a fried egg, bacon, avocado, and fried onions. The toppings on the burger were just overflowing and the burger tasted hot, fresh and delicious.

On subsequent occasions, I kept in mind how tasty the food from Porterhouse Bar & Grill restaurant was and our family eventually had food from there again. Sometimes, I just phoned in the order and went to pick up the meal.

The beef brisket is my favorite food item to order from Porterhouse Bar & Grill restaurant

There is only one recent occasion where we sat in the restaurant to eat and the photos of the food from that day are enclosed here, in this restaurant review hub. On that day, there was another school related fundraiser. This time, the school was raising money to donate to cancer cure research and some proceeds from our purchases at Porterhouse Bar & Grill restaurant were going to go to that.

We ordered the beef brisket which is one of my favorite items to order from Porterhouse Bar & Grill restaurant. This entrée also costs around $14.95 and yes, we did go ahead and use a buy one entrée plus two beverages and get one entrée free coupon! We were able to contribute to the fundraiser but still get our great deal on the food purchase. Money is tight these days and we just love a great coupon deal. We also got mac and cheese. My kids simply love mac and cheese.

Everything was delicious, as expected. I have had the beef brisket from Porterhouse Bar & Grill restaurant a few times altogether now and I do notice that the preparation of the brisket the last time I had it was a bit different from the time before. I did prefer it the time before. The brisket was a little more tender and soft that time and I liked that.

Overall, Porterhouse Grill is a nice place to eat. The food is very good quality.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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