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Updated on April 9, 2012

Why do we eat out at restaurants?


We all love to eat out. No need to cook at home, no dishes to wash and the feeling of a nice restaurant atomosphere is always enticing to go out to eat. It comes at a price. Health concerns aside, eating out a lot in restaurants will cause a big drain on your bank account. There are many ways to save money at restaurants without compromising quality or your desires. is a great way to save money. You can practically have more meals for the same price as you would pay for a single dinner at the same restaurant.

I have personally enjoyed saving money using gift certificates from There are many reviews, coupons and promotion codes available on the internet and I have compiled my list that I gathered from many different websites. You can just read this one hub and decide whether will be saving money for you or not. You will find a review on with current coupon codes and promotion codes. The review also talks about some catches in the fineprint on the gift certificates and how to handle them smartly to save more money. coupon codes coupon codes Review offers a national directory of more than 9,000 restaurants and a number of exclusive online merchants. You can search by state, city, neighborhood, zip code and cuisine type to find the perfect restaurant and gift certificates for savings. If you find any of your favorite restaurant in your vicinity, I strongly suggest getting a gift certificate from For example, you can buy a $25 gift certificate for just $10. I have used promotion codes very often and have purchased $25 gift certificates for just $3. The only catch is you have to use the entire gift certificate at one time. When me and my wife go out, usually it costs $40 total after tax and tips, so it is not a problem for us.

I like so much you may feel this review is biased but it is far from the truth. I have also listed some things I do not like at the end of this review and tips to easily overcome those restrictions and drawbacks in the coupon code fine print. serves as the community matchmaker, introducing great restaurants to great people. From appetizers to dessert, from wine to dinner, helps restaurant owners promote the new and unique aspects of their restaurants while providing diners with great value in a fun, new and cost effective way. Your favorite restaurant is in your neighborhood - maybe you just don't know it yet. is here to help. You can find restaurants like Buffalo wild wings or italian restaurants easily.

The world is made up of thousands of communities. Local restaurants are the social centers of those communities. In restaurants, people grow relationships, spend time with family, and celebrate special occasions. With each dining experience we are treated to the simple pleasure of good food, good friends and good times - restaurants bring people together to share in the celebration of a dinner well served.

Bargains at
Bargains at

How to find cheap gift certificates?

It's so easy. Just use the search feature to find a restaurant. Many of the participating restaurants have different offers, so pick the place that suits you best. They also provide handy descriptions and even menus to help you decide. Follow the instructions for purchasing a gift certificate and print it out. In minutes you're all set for a night out for less!

Step 1: Find a Restaurant from

Step 2: Purchase Discount Dining Certificate;

important: remember to apply coupon code or promotion code

Go and buy a bunch of dining certificates right away before this awesome deal disappears. You can't go wrong with this $2.

Step 3: Print Certificate and take to restaurant


Most often the $25 gift certificate that you buy for $10 (or just $2 with promo code) has some fine print.

1. You have to use all of the $25 in a single purchase. Moreover, you have to spend at least $35 on food without including tips.

2. Tips are calculated based on the total bill before applying the gift certificate.

3. Only one gift certificate per party.

See my tips below to easily save money while complying with these restrictions. promo codes promo codes

How much do you save using dining certificates?

Let us do some math here to calculate the average savings:

Food price: $35.

Gift certificate price you paid: $3

Gift card: -$25

Your total cost is only $13 + tips (whatta deal!)

Tips can be avoided using my following ideas:

Ideas to save more money at restaurants using coupons:

  • The minimum purchase is $35. This includes taxes. So, if you buy food close to $33, you will not be spending more than necessary and enjoy the full benefits of this promotion code.
  • 15% gratuity or tips on $35 is about $6. To avoid this expense, you can opt for carry out instead of dining in. However, call ahead and make sure the restaurant allows carry out to use the gift certificate you bought from
  • Choose restaurants where tipping is not required. Places like fast food chains where you do all the work and there is no need for tipping.
  • If you going on a vacation to say Orlando, Florida, you can buy multiple $25 dining git certificates for $3 each and save big on restaurant dining expenses.
  • Use the internet to find the best coupons and online restaurant discount codes

Search for coupons, 50% off at coupon, new promotions and promo codes, special offers (they always run some special or other - currently $25 gift dining certificates are just $3, you should also search for weekly promotions and special offer coupon codes! Look for online coupons for 50% off already discounted dining certificates, restaurant coupons, and Dinner of the Month Club; giving you a discount of 75%! Dinner of the month club: For higher priced orders are "Dinner of the Month Club" has three different offers that provide "store credit" for our restaurant gift certificates. The prices are $30 for a $75 value, $60 for a $150 value and $120 for $300 value delivered over the course of 3, 6, and 12 months. vote

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    • profile image

      yurdog05 4 years ago

      Great information. However, I have to correct you on some points. When you purchase a or any other website gift certificate, it specifically states that taxes and gratuity are not included in the promotional value. So, if you have to spend a minimum of $35 then you must spend $35 before taxes, or the restaurant might not honor it, as the sales tax does not go to the restaurant, and if you don't pay it then they have to. You have to understand that they get no proceeds from the initial $25 discount. rarely does profit sharing with their restaurant partners. Also, most restaurants do not allow the use of or similar discounts for carry-out orders, and most certificates state that its dine-in only or 1 per table, per party. Just an FYI.

    • profile image

      ReviewerLA 6 years ago

      As much as people like buying coupons from, they also regret it. Sure the price might sound good whatever so, but sometimes restaurants will not take them. Why you may ask? Well because sells coupons without restaurants permission. Before you buy a coupon here, call the restaurant you would wish to buy it for, and ask if they accept them.

    • profile image

      Jeffrey Lee-Chan  7 years ago

      I also love coupons! this one is for you @WTMI: it has coupons online that you can use them at the same food order :)

    • WTMI profile image

      WTMI 8 years ago from New York

      Right now is the last day of a 80% of sale. I bought a $50 coupon of $4. Incredible.