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Restaurant Review: Red Robin

Updated on February 12, 2015

A Thrilling Burger Experience for Everyone

Red Robin is a national franchise that claims gourmet hamburgers - and they aren't kidding. With a menu full of gluten-free options, healthier choices and delectable delights to suit any pallet, Red Robin gives you more burger than you can handle, and leaves your taste buds thrilled with the experience afterwards. From bottomless root beer floats to bigger burgers than you ever dreamed of, there is truly something for everyone, and at budget-friendly prices, the menu leaves nothing to be desired.

If you go to Red Robin, chances are incredibly high that you're in the mood for a hamburger - and their hamburgers don't disappoint. There is something for every taste from turkey burgers to meatless burgers to every combination that you could ever want. Red Robin also offers a variety of alcoholic beverages, beer, floats, shakes and bottomless fries that come with every hamburger. For the more health conscious, they offer bun-less burgers, lettuce wraps and a full selection of salads. They also have dinner options like fish and chips, mac and cheese and chicken breasts. Make your meal complete with an appetizer or desert. If there's one thing that's certain it's that you won't leave on an empty stomach - but you're better off arriving with one.


How does the service stack up?

Given my previous negative experiences in chain-restaurants, I didn't quite know what to expect when I first entered the Red Robins that opened at the mall less than five minutes away. Their service gets a consistent 5 out of 5 rating, and like their food, their servers never disappoint.

My wife and I are both frequent visitors, and we have never had a negative service experience at this particular location - even when packed full to the brim or dealing with other, more difficult customers. The staff is always friendly, despite having a place packed with people. If they make a mistake, they're quick to correct it, and all of our meals have been complete with a manager's table-side visit to make sure that the food (and the service) lived up to our expectations.

Food Quality

A chain could have the best service in the world, but if the food doesn't measure up, it's easier to write them off than go in for a coin-toss ever time you sit down for a meal. No matter what burger I've tried (and I've tried many) it's always been cooked perfectly and has tasted superb. Their onion rings are incredibly delectable, and they come with several dipping options that are sure to please even the pickiest tastes. I've had their salads, their appetizers and their main selections, and none of them have disappointed. Combine the exceptional quality of the food with their epic levels of service, and you have a chain restaurant that is set for success.

Although it's impossible to please everyone all of the time, Red Robin goes out of their way to ensure that their food, service and experience are far above expectations. No matter how you arrive, you're practically guaranteed to leave full - and incredibly satisfied. We've dined in and enjoyed the takeout and the quality remains constant and delicious regardless.

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Discerning Décor

It's easy to be overwhelmed once you walk inside of the restaurant itself, but no matter where you sit, it's easy to find something to please the eye. The walls are covered with posters, cartoons and cultural references and every time I enter the place, I see something new. It's kept incredibly clean and tidy, which is incredibly hard to do given the sheer volume that they encounter on a daily basis. While I don't think that there's any room for one more poster, walking into a Red Robin is like walking into a pop-cultural reference's dream. There is something for every taste - and every eye. I was pleased to notice a copy of a poster that I have in my own home. From the Beatles to Marilyn Monroe and more, you have plenty to look at while you wait for your meal, complete with multiple flat-screen televisions with every sporting event imaginable. No matter where you sit, there's something to catch the eye. When everything adds up, you're in for the experience of a lifetime and Red Robin certainly aims to please.

Loyalty Rewards and Pricing

While every pharmacy and super-market imaginable has their own loyalty rewards program these days, it's uncommon to find one at a restaurant - especially a popular one - but Red Robin takes the cake. They offer their own loyalty program free of charge, and for every 9 burgers you purchase, the tenth is always free. They also offer additional rewards based on how much you've spent, and the rewards stack up quickly. Whether it's a free appetizer or milkshake/float, regular customers are sure to find a discount on their bill before they expect it. It's always good to reward your customers, and with prices built to suit practically any budget, their loyalty rewards program offers just enough incentive to keep coming back - as if anything could truly keep you away once you taste their menu.

Most of the burgers on their menu are double the size of burgers that you would find anywhere else, and they're loaded with premium topics to suit any taste. The burgers start at 6 dollars and go up to 9, depending on which kind you go for. A full meal including beverages, appetizers and two burgers typically runs about 30 dollars, so their timing is competitive to say the least.

Continued Customer Success

Since there is a Red Robin location so close to where my wife and I live, we continually go there for good food, good drinks and exceptional service. I cannot think of a single negative experience we have had at this location, and I sincerely hope that the chain itself enjoys the same amount of customer loyalty that this particular location has. The only negative aspect of such a popular eatery is the fact that sometimes wait times are longer than normal. The quality of the food, however, far makes up for the wait that is sometimes experienced by its regular guests. Not only is the service exceptional in the dine-in experience, but their take-out service is quick, easy and affordable as well. With a free burger or entrée to enjoy after nine purchases, this franchise has earned my repeat business - especially with their lower-calorie offerings continually added to the menu for those of us who are trying to be more health-conscious.


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    • JMcFarland profile image

      Elizabeth 4 years ago from The US of A, but I'm Open to Suggestions

      wow, thanks for sharing your experience. Fortunately, all of my experiences thus far have been positive and I hope it continues to be that way.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 4 years ago

      We had a Red Robin in my city at a local Mall. The first two times we ate there, the food was excellent. The third time it was horrible and when we went back for a fourth try--much later, the restaurant had been closed.