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Retro candy-Growing up riding the Sugar Wave!

Updated on October 7, 2011

Whatever happened to Bernies Candy Store?

Kids today don't know it but they are missing a big chunk of childhood and what will later become treasured childhood memories! The world has changed so much since I was a kid and it's not like I'm 150 years old either! I know we have all heard the same "shpeel" from our Fathers & mothers but things have really changed and rather quickly too! I see kids today in the Malls and Supermarts and they just seem much more (dare I say) "Sophisticated than we used to be! They are either holding cell phones or playing on their I Phones and texting each other and I'm talking about 11 year olds! The other day I was waiting at the counter of a diner for the waitress to add up my bill by hand...she was adding and I guess she was taking a wee bit too long to do so because the 8 year old girl who was sitting next to me whispered "I think she needs a calculator" Eight years old for Gods sake!!! At 8 if I was sitting at the counter of a diner all I would be caring about is where was my hot fudge sundae but this little girl took notice that the waitress was a bit mathematically challenged! Yes kids are more sophisticated now than we used to be when we were their age but you know what I say about that?...Who cares!...that's what! because as much technology as they have today and as much smarts as they have today and even though some twelve year old can understand the theory of relativity more than I can I wouldn't have traded my growing up back then for anything in the world! Sure they have Ipods today and cell phones and computers but we had penny candy and the corner candy store where you could get all the comic books you wanted and bags of marbles and get an ice cream soda and a burger at the same time!

Our corner candy store was called "Bernie's" Bernie and his wife Yedda were the owners and they knew every kid in the neighborhood! You'd walk in and there was the candy station filled with compartments full of every penny candy you could imaging, all you had to do was ask Bernie for a little paper bag and you could fill that bag up to the top with just a quarter! Necco candies and tootsie rolls and bazooka gum and red licorice, Charms sour balls, Sugar Babies, "Sugar Daddy's", Red Hot Dollars right at your reach ready to select and put in your bag!

There were others too! Like those lollipop whistles and candy bracelets and the wax cola bottles filled with colorful, syrupy goodness! Oh and the Grand Daddy of them all...Rock Candy! Bits of pure cane sugar crystallized and hung on a string!

It's a kids world!

Back in the 60's and 70's there was sugar in everything! There were countless of commercials bombarding us with advertisements of sugar coated cereals, sugar induced fruit drinks and juices, soda pop, ice cream, candy bars heck even sugar coated sugar! it wasn't surprising that we could stay outside for hours playing and running around and not get a bit tired! We burned those empty calories faster than we could ingest them. It was a kids world as far as Television was concerned and boy once we did reach our limit from being outside we would gravitate to that TV set ready to be mesmerized and hypnotized and sugarized!

Dreams of Bubble Gum , Baseball cards & Bottle caps

I suppose Kids today are making their own "Great memories" about texting on their cell phones and downloading music on the computer and hanging out on Facebook. Every generation will have their own great memories and rightly so. These are the memories that when we grow up and life is beating us up a bit we can sit down and remember when... and smile. As for me I will forever be stuck in Bernie's candy store waiting for my burger and fries and filling up my bag of candy while I pick out the latest Richie Rich comic book.

ARE THEY GONE FOREVER?!!!...Nah...we have the internet nowadays...check out these sites!

What are your sugar coated memories?

Hey...gotta fav candy coated memory? share with us what your memories were growing up and what were your fav candies! I bet everyone had a favorite candy shoppe they would ride their bikes to!


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