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Review: Alma’s Grill and Restaurant, Roxas City

Updated on September 4, 2017

One late boring afternoon, the hubby and I decided to go on a road trip. Driven by our craving for seafood, the hour-long road trip brought us to Alma's Grill and Restaurant along Baybay beach in Roxas City.

When in Manila, it would be easy to take a 20-minute drive to our favorite resto or nearest mall but being in the province limits our possible destinations to only a few. At first, we thought of going to a nearby inland resort but changed our minds few minutes into the drive and decided to continue driving. By the time we arrived in Roxas City, it's almost 8pm so we decided to fulfill our seafood cravings before driving back home.

How to Get There

Alma's Grill and Restaurant is located along Baybay Beach in Roxas City. Along Arnaldo Boulevard, drive towards the direction of the beach, follow the road and turn left. Alma’s Grill is situated on the right side of the road, clustered together with other restaurants along the seashore.

Find Alma's Grill and Restaurant in Roxas City

The Location and the Ambiance

Whilst looking for someplace to eat, we didn’t have any particular restaurant in mind. But I was more into a restaurant that would allow us to enjoy the seaside atmosphere with hopefully a good meal. Alma’s Grill’s location was not very hard to find yet the actual structure also didn’t stand out as it’s huddled with other similar restaurants. One thing I liked about it though is the openness from the road – no glass windows so expect to enjoy the sea breeze. It looked bright, casual and welcoming. When we got in our table, it’s already dark so we could only hear the waves splashing in the coastline. There were also hammocks attached to some columns that guests could use to relax while enjoying and viewing the sea. This was one of the things I liked about the place; it made me feel relaxed. Aside from us, there were also several guests occupying few other tables.

The Service and the Food

This restaurant offers various kinds of seafood from fishes, seashells, squids, seaweeds, crabs and prawns. There were also grilled meat, mostly pork and different parts of chicken, skewered and half cooked. The person behind the food counter taking orders was accommodating. You choose what you want, let them know how you want it cooked and they would prepare it for you.

Considering that they only cook – except for some skewered half cooked meat - and prepare the food after we ordered, the average waiting time was acceptable. The food started coming out after 15-20 minutes of waiting.

First to come out was the ’lato’ salad. It's a dish of fresh seaweed with tomatoes, carrots and cucumber served with vinegar, soy sauce and onions. This combo of fresh seaweed and raw vegetables is a must try if you would like to enjoy a crispy salad appetizer with a sprinkle of natural salty goodness.

Next is the red egg salad with tomatoes, onions and cucumber. A typical red egg salad, nothing extraordinary. It was then followed by the pork “liempo” and squid both perfectly grilled and unskewered straight to the plate.

The steamed rice was served on top of a banana leaf. As expected, the grilled “liempo” and squid were still juicy and moist. It went well with the red egg salad and soft drinks. Wondering though if it's because I was so hungry that everything tasted delicious... *teehee* The seaweed salad was fresh, just the right amount of salty and natural crisp. I love that they were generous with the salad vegetables though I would have preferred a much more ripe tomatoes.

Just one thing, we waited a little bit for our last dish. After a follow up halfway our meal, last to be served was the baked mussels. I was disappointed because I expected to enjoy it with cheese, olive oil and garlic, its wait time considered. What we had was only with butter and garlic. We decided to not let it ruin our night and emptied our plates.

Value for Money

We paid around Php580 for our dinner. That's for the five dishes with 3 servings of rice and 1.5L of soft drinks. Not bad, right?

The place was a typical casual grill and restaurant with lots of dining tables. One thing I like were the hammocks available for the customers to use. For sure it would be lovely to enjoy the food with the relaxing sound of the waves, facing the beach, while the sun is still up. A perfect treat to the senses. The service at first was very good but my final rating was affected by the super late baked mussels. Food plating was average. For the food flavor, I enjoyed most of the dishes except for the baked mussels. All things considered, our overall experience was not bad so we might come back for another seafood fix.

My Rating?

3 stars for Alma’s Grill and Restaurant, Roxas City

© 2017 Sheila Navio-Pornan


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