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Review Of The Keurig Special Edition Pod Coffee Maker

Updated on April 24, 2011

Review of The Keurig Special Edition Single Serving Coffee Maker

Review Of The Keurig Special Edition Coffee Brewer.

My wife and I both have hectic jobs and we barely have time to make ourselves something for breakfast on the way out of the house, much less a cup of coffee. Instead of making coffee at home the old fashioned way we tend to stop at a place like Starbucks where we drop three to four dollars each. We don't do this everyday, but do it enough that it does put a dent in our budget.

After seeing advertisements for single serving "pod type" coffee makers we decided to give ourselves a Keurig Special Edition coffee system for Christmas. The environmentalist in me hated the idea that the tiny plastic cup that holds the coffee grounds is thrown away. I liked the other type of system, which used a disc made of biodegradable material. However, like so many other things, the less green environmentally friendly system seems to be winning the "VHS vs. Betamax" (sorry I'm showing my age), war of the coffee pod systems.

The small plastic containers. called K cups, that work in the Keurig system can now be found almost everywhere. I suppose you have to look at it as part of a bigger picture. Had I stopped at Starbucks I would have idled my car for probably at least five minutes, releasing CO2 and burning energy. I would have given the coffee place as much as four or five dollars, which I can now give to a charity instead.

In addition the paper cup that they gave me would have most likely ended up in the trash can at the office, and then end up in a landfill. So, knowing all that I suppose I can forgive the Keurig pod system for using a tiny bit of non-biodegradable plastic.  I do plan on opening the spent containers and releasing the grounds into my garden though.

Good News, Reusable K Cups!

Just when I was getting used to the idea of sending all those K cups to the landfill I discovered that there are reusable ones. The "My K Cup" system and other similar products allow you to use your own coffee or the other style of non-plastic coffee pods in your Keurig. Brilliant idea. I don't think everyone will convert, however, since one of the main reasons people buy the Keurig coffee maker is to save time and mess. I can justify the waste in the morning, but for when I am at home and not in a rush I plan on using the "My K Cup" system. Another alternative is the "My Kap" system that allows you to reuse your coffee pod containers by refilling them with your own coffee.

So, How well does the Keurig Special Edition coffee brewing system work? Like a charm. It holds enough water for eight cups of coffee. The deluxe model features a timer system that you can use to turn the Keurig on in the morning before you wake up, so all you have to do is press down on the handle. The Keurig Special Edition model also allows you to control the brewing temperature, a feature that the cheaper model does not.

How It Works:

The handle punctures the top of the little coffee pod and hot water flows through it, and coffee flows into your cup. There is no pot to clean out (which would use precious water) and no coffee ground mess.

A timer can be set to turn off the Keurig Special Edition brewing system after a few hours or after one hour of sitting unused.

Choices: Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Tea

I really like the fact that you can pop in a gourmet tea pod or hot chocolate pod and have a coffee alternative. There are over a dozen gourmet coffee brands available for the Keurig system, including Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and  Coffee People brand. I plan on using the refillable "My K Cup" system to make my own custom pods and I may try the "My Kap" system to re-use the plastic pods. I'll try to determine which is easier and post that review back along with this article.

Summary Of My Review Of The Keurig Special Edition Coffee Brewer

I think this system is almost flawless. It has displaced the spot formerly held by my Mr. Coffee machine on the kitchen countertop and I must say it looks much better there. It won't brew a whole pot for the family, but for that I can always take Mr. Coffee out of hiding.

I can see the Keurig system being used in hotel rooms, the workplace and other places where the mess of brewing coffee could be a problem.

I enjoy not having to rinse out the basket or clean the coffee carafe out.  I think it was $120 dollars well spent and my wife agrees.


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  • Whitney05 profile image


    8 years ago from Georgia

    My boyfriend and I are looking at getting Keurig coffee maker. I found that the Special Edition one like most of them have water reserve problems. The Office Pro was the only edition that I didn't see had any major problems or complaints. Have you noticed any water reservoir problems with yours? Most of the complaints varied on the time scale, but said that after some uses, the water reservoir would stop pumping the water up to make the drink.

    Oh, and when you spoke of the reusable cups, how do they work? Do you just fill them with whatever you want? Like buy a regular container of any brand coffee, fill up the cup and use it. Instead of the Keurig K-cups?


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