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Review of Weber Charcoal Grill

Updated on April 8, 2010

Weber Charcoal Grill

Its that time again, time to fire up the old Grill. It seems that we have always had a Weber Charcoal grill or a Weber Gas Grill all of my life. When I moved away from home it seemed like something was missing when I grilled out. It took me a while to figure out that nothing cooks like a Weber. If you use gas or charcoal Weber just has it down!. Obviously the people at Weber know what they are doing because they have been making grills for a ling time.

Quality grills I might add. The Weber Grills we have owned were a bit more expensive that the conventional grill but they do not cook like Webers. I have always been impressed how my food came out when I used a Weber Grill. The meat is juicy and tender on the inside and the outside is crispy. The Gas grills that Weber makes cook your food great. We have owned several . The advantage to them is clean up is easier and you don't have to mess with lighting and waiting for the coals.

Orange Chicken

One of my favorite things to do with my Weber is to cook a chicken with a pealed orange inside. The orange works on the meat to keep it moist and the orange gives the bird just a hint of sweetness that I am sure everyone will rave about. I leave the bird whole and slow cook it in my Weber. I am telling you its great and really easy. That's what I like!


Most Americans favorite right ! The Weber Grills cook a hamburger to perfection. Crispy on the outside ,tender and juicy on the inside. Hey you can make better hamburgers at home using a Weber Grill than any place in town. Less expensive also and you don't have to leave your favorite TV show.

They even have small Weber's that you can drag around to the park or to use out on your Lani. So there is really no excuse for you to not have a killer hamburger at least once in a while! I take my grill to the beach and fire it up when I am Pau surfing ;-0


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  • salt profile image

    salt 7 years ago from australia

    Us aussies dont use the word grill, I might backlink this one to one of my hubs as the topic suits. Thanks for the review.

    We put shrimps and chops and sausages and shishkababs and fish and all sorts of yummy food on the barbie.