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Updated on September 16, 2013

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In The Mood For Ribs

Initially, when the mood struck me and I suddenly had to have some ribs, I went straight to Costco to buy them, because we had some of these on Labor day, and they were awesome! Costco has a large package of boneless ribs for about $16. So once the mood struck again, I wasted no time getting to Costco to pick them up.

Initially, when I cooked them, I used some Badia complete seasoning and marinated them in Aloha Mango Pineapple Teriyaki sauce. Previously, during the Labor day holiday, my son put the ribs on the grill and left them unsupervised. He ended up burning an entire pack of meat. Needless to say, I was pretty hot with him over that.

Thank goodness I had that extra pack in the freezer that I had pulled out along with the pack I had bought. So we still had some to eat, but I was greatly annoyed at the waste. So this time around, I told him that he could not leave the area and that he had to get off his phone and pay attention; so he stayed and watched the ribs on the pit, and none got burned. He listened, and the ribs came out perfect. We had enough for leftovers, so I decided that I wanted to try these ribs in one of my omelette mashes.


  • 1 Rib, boneless, sliced small
  • 1-2 lg handfuls Greens, Mustard, Turnip, or Kale
  • 2 Bell peppers, mini
  • 2-3 white onion, chopped slices
  • 1-3 garlic, chopped
  • 2 eggs, brown, organic
  • 2 rice milk, TBSPs
  • 1 handful cheese, Mexican 4 cheese blend

Cook Time

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 15 min
Ready in: 35 min
Yields: Serves 1/2 to two people, or 1 full omelette

Trying Something New

Now, I typically use greens in my omelettes. First of all, it's a great way to get your veggies in, and in the morning at that. Secondly, it's healthy and good for you. Typically, I use either Mustard greens, or Kale. I love either one. I have even tried red and green cabbage, depending on what I have available.

This time however, when I went to the store, they didn't have anything but Turnip greens. Having no recollection of ever tasting these, I bought them, thinking that they couldn't be that far away from the Mustard, and Kale greens. However, despite the fact that this omelette tasted fine, my preference is definitely the Mustard or Kale greens.

Putting It Together

  1. Collect your ingredients. Use either olive oil or butter in your pan. Start with the onions and garlic first. Chop then stirfry in the pan. Toss in a large handful of greens; even two if you really like a lot of greens. They will melt down in the pan and seem like very little once cooked. Your pan should look at least half full of greens to start. Stirfry with onions and garlic. Chop and add the mini bell peppers. I used one yellow and one red for color. Cut up 1/2 of the rib and add it.
  2. If you normally season your veggies when you cook them, then do so now. I do, but for my omelettes, I tend to have a lighter hand on the seasonings, especially salt, because the omelettes usually taste great without it. This time, however, I did go very light with the Badia complete seasoning. Scramble 2 eggs in a bowl, and add the rice milk. I don't measure it out. I just pour some in. The purpose is to stretch the eggs so that you don't need 3. The brown organic eggs are small, and the yolk is also small, so if you have cholesterol concerns, these might be better, or you could simply use 3 eggs and remove the yolk. You'd still need the milk, and this milk could be substituted by the milk of your choice.
  3. Once blended, put the eggs aside and make sure the veggies and rib pieces are all well stir fried. Separate them, making a valley in the middle, with the stir fry on the sides. This makes it easier to cut the omelette so you can flip each side. Add the egg mixture, swirl in the pan to ensure full coverage. As soon as you start to see a bit of bubbles on the surface, add the cheese. Wait about 1 minute, then using the spatula, cut up the middle, separating the two sides. Flip twice. Remove and serve.


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