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Restaurants in Florence

Updated on February 2, 2016

Florence is the capital of the famous region of Tuscany in Italy. It also gained importance over time for being the cradle of the Renaissance. The city boasts many monuments of great historical importance and many places to visit that make it one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. The museums, churches, monuments, squares and fountains make this city a paradise. Moreover, it is having been a very important center of Renaissance there are U-shaped tunnels that house the administrative offices of Florence. Palazzo Vecchio is a famous palace once military fortress. Coming to the religious monuments of the place we have the Florence Cathedral, which is the iconic symbol of the city.

Religion is an important aspect of Florence. You can easily see and find churches in the city, just like in other Italian cities. These churches are ideal for those who are passionate about art and places that are worth a visit. Other popular places to visit in Florence, are Piazzale Michelangelo, Piazza della Signoria, the San Miniato al Monte, Giotto's Bell Tower, Brunelleschi's Dome, the Old Town, the National Museum of the Bargello. There are car rental services in the city that help people achieve important and popular destinations within a given period of time.

Apart from transport, the restaurants of Florence, are a real treat for people. Tuscan cuisine is a popular type of cuisine; here the food is cooked fresh so simple. The restaurants of Florence, are known to use the best ingredients from Tuscany. Wine is another specialty served in restaurants. But you must make the right choice in choosing a restaurant, because there are many in the city. Tourists and visitors are invited to consider their budget, since many restaurants are very expensive. Some of the popular cafes in the city are RCMP, Robiglio and Vestri.

The restaurants also offer suitable places to stay in Florence. It is the tourist to make a choice as there are numerous restaurants in the city. You can even make good business especially during the winter. E 'can also make new acquaintances and friendships with local residents in these restaurants. So, it is worth visiting Florence, try some of the best restaurants and cherish for a long pleasant memories of this beautiful holiday.


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