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Wheelhouse Grand Buffet

Updated on August 19, 2017
View from tables
View from tables


I've visited here many times but never ate at their Buffet. I've had salads and many other food items from the Wheelhouse Grill, Caio and West Grill but never went to the buffet because I felt it was too expensive for my budget. On the other hand, my son, Bill, never passed up a chance to eat at the buffet but you have to realize that our family comes from a long line of people with healthy appetites.

In year's past, I've eaten at Johnny Garneau's which was a famous all you can eat restaurant on McKnight Road. When Bill was a tot we had a family gathering there for my parent's 25th wedding anniversary. The point is we are a family who enjoyed all you can eat buffets.

Choices at the Buffet

We were escorted through the entrance and seated next to the glass windows that look out over the Ohio River and gives you a nice view of Downtown Pittsburgh. The entrance and ambiance of the room are inviting and the seating near the windows gives you a sense of peace and harmony.

We started our tour of the buffet by doing a walk around the various types of food stations. There were Asian and Italian stations along with a wonderful appetizer area which offered Fried Ravioli along with various other types of finger foods. Each station had a niche in the wall that were supplied with china.

I started with the Salad Bar that offered three types of greens, (chopped romaine, chopped iceberg lettuce and spinach leaves). There were no shortage of selections which chopped peppers, chopped hard boiled eggs, baby peas, grated cheese, chopped celery, garbonza beans, and beets. On the other side there was a wonderful pipita seed salad in dressing, brocoli salad, cole slaw and other premixed salads. On the end of the salad bar was a selection dinner rolls and butter. I love salads and as usual I overdid the salad bar which didn't leave me a lot of room for an entreeā€².

I wandered around the other stations and found an ethnic station that offered Pierogies and other international delights that are enjoyed in the Pittsburgh area.

I filled my second plate with Roast Turkey Breast, mashed potatioes, grilled corn, and traditional stuffing from the American Station. This station offered beef and ham as well as mashed sweet potatoes.

On my way back to my table, I stopped by the Dessert Station, where I picked up a clothes pin cookie and Cinnamon Bread Pudding. These station offered Gelata and pies as well as individual servings of tiramisu and hot molten chocolate cake.

Review of Wheelhouse Grand Buffet

While the ambiance was very nice, I didn't find anything extraordinary about the food. The friend who was with me tried the Fried Ravioli and found it to be hard around the edges.

The salad experience was excellent but it's hard to disappoint me when I'm loading up on salad items. The dinner rolls were excellent and the butter was not hard which I find to be the case at most restaurants.

The American cuisine which I tried was tasty and not overcooked which can be a problem with Turkey. The mashed potatoes were creamy.

I didn't find the buffet to be overly extravagant and not at all what I expected given the raves from my son when he would go to the buffet. While the food was good it wasn't anything out of the ordinary except for the Ethnic Cuisine that embodies the Pittsburgh area.

I will say that the establishment attracts many senior citizen trips and I saw a lot of seniors enjoying the facility. Of course, the lunch buffet is affordable and under $15 which can be offset with discounts and coupons. My friend received a free buffet because she was there for her birthday.

Perhaps I'll visit again and try some of the other cuisines so that I can continue this review at a later date.


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