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Roast Beef and Jicama Rolls. A Great Appetizer Using Leftover Roast Beef

Updated on October 27, 2010
With chile and lime
With chile and lime | Source

If you’re not into jicama – you’re missing out on a very good thing.

Sort of appley, sort of peary, very crispy and refreshing and as light as air in your mouth while still packing a wallop crunch!

  • Buy a bag of jicama and peel them and eat them raw – they’re great.
  • Cut them into julienned sticks and do like they do in Mexico, give em’ a kiss of lime juice and a dusting of finely ground chili powder and wake up your appetite right before your next Mexican dinner
  • Cut them up like carrots and add them to any kind of mixed green salad – these babies go with everything!

Or, try them in this very easy starter/light meal that makes great use of leftover roast beef.

Roast Beef and Jicama Rolls

I’m not going to give exact quantities here, as it’s better that you just give a squeeze of this and a squirt of that and taste as you go. There are few ingredients, so it’s pretty easy to balance

  • 1 medium sized jicama, peeled and cut into sticks
  • About 6, ¼ inch thick slices of leftover (cold) rare roast beef. Ideally each slices is about 3 or 4 inches in diameter
  • A couple of cloves of garlic, minced
  • About ½ a medium white onion, cut into fine slices
  • About ¼ cup of fresh cilantro, roughly chopped
  • A couple of Tbls of extra virgin olive oil
  • The juice from about ½ a lime
  • Salt, to taste
  1. Mix together all ingredients and taste for seasoning. You are looking for a balance between the olive oil and the lime, so add more of either as needed.
  2. Divide the ‘jicama salad’ mixture up between the 6 slices of roast beef, plopping a small pile of the salad in the center of each slice
  3. Roll up each slice of roast beef (imagine the beef is like a tortilla and the jicama is the filling and you’re making a burrito!) and lay it on a serving plate, seam side down, so it stays put.
  4. Garnish with a little more cilantro and give the rolls a drizzle of of extra virgin olive oil over top to finish.
  5. Very easy and elegant, and the crunch and sweetness of the jicama go great with the limey sour of the dressing and the rich beefy taste and texture of the roast beef.

Enjoy this delicious recipe, or at least get some jicama and have fun playing around with some great new tastes and textures.


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    • Russell-D profile image

      Russell-D 7 years ago from Southern Ca.

      John - love roast beef, especially cold and a day old. Love Jicama, but never saw it in roll form. Can't be bad though. Shove a piece of real spicy Cheddar into the sandwich and a Thai beer. Wait I'm on my way!! David Russell