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Roast Pork Dinner- Barnsey Family Recipe's

Updated on February 27, 2012

Before my mother passed away twelve years ago she jotted down some of my favorite recipes. She meant well but the truth is I have rarely had the confidence in the kitchen to pull off the bulk of the things she highlighted. Now that I am forty one I am really disappointed in myself because I have not done so. In the next few weeks I am pledging to make these meals the way my mother and father did.

By placing them here I hope to give them the credit they deserve. They were old school and there is so much the world will never be able to replace when folks like them are gone forever. At least I have their favorite recipes and now I can share them with you.

Dad's Specialty!

First I will go over the ingredients; I Pork Loin = Approx. 5lbs.; 2 Bags of dried Lima beans; 6 or 8 Peeled Potatoes; 4 Onions; Pepper, Garlic and Parsley.

Place Beans in large pot, cover them with water plus at least an inch more. Let them soak overnight and they will swell real nicely.

Next day, drain beans in strainer and rinse them off real well. Place Roast in large pan then pour the beans in all around it. Then take onions halves and shove them here and there among the beans. Then, add enough water to cover the beans and onions plus an inch, do not submerge the roast.

Preheat Oven at 375 Degrees and then season with Pepper, Garlic and Parsley over the exposed meat, place in oven and cover for two full hours. Then put in the Potatoes which will take another 45 minutes at most.

As an additional side my dad was real fond of Green beans sauteed with oil and garlic in a frying pan. Honestly this is a great side for a long list of main dishes but this is what pops did so this is what I will be doing within the next two weeks or so.

This makes a classic rustic Roast pork dinner. As I sit and reminisce I recall the battle over the onions which had absorbed so much flavor. I recall how I hated most veggies but when this was on the table I never complained and ate everything on my plate. I recall the extra bite of pepper since my dad always put in plenty. He always said extra pepper was good for you. It makes hair grow on your chest, though I am still not sure what the benefit of this has been.

Enjoy everyone, and give a little nod to Joe and Bonnie, Husband and Wife, Mother and Father, together forever.


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    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 6 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      The slower cooked the better! Thanks for reading!

    • novascotiamiss profile image

      novascotiamiss 6 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

      There's nothing better than the smell of a roast.... Mhhhhhm, I'm getting hungry already.