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Root Beer Candy

Updated on March 16, 2011

Root Beer Candy

When I was a kid my grandparents seemed to have an endless stock of bulk candy.
We thought that they were great grand parents but as I look back they just wanted to keep us from talking by feeding us inexpensive bulk candies.

One of my favorites still to this very day is root beer candy. They call them root beer barrels. They are shaped like root beer barrels and they taste like root beer of course. They are inexpensive and a real treat! Certainly most of us that have had hard candy have experienced root beer candy.

A great place to buy Old Time Candy happens to be the Old Time Candy Company  You will find deals on any type of candy that you can imagine. Mostly you wont have to use your imagination in this case because you will find all the candy that  you ate as a kid. Cool right.!!

So if yu are looking for some special candy any time of the years don't for get to visit Old Time Candy Company 

Making Candy

Root Beer Barrel

Root Beer Barrel
Root Beer Barrel


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