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Rose Infused Vinegar Recipe

Updated on June 19, 2013
Rose infused vinegar adds a unique tastes to salads and other vinegar recipes.
Rose infused vinegar adds a unique tastes to salads and other vinegar recipes. | Source

Rose infused vinegar offers diners a wonderful twist on the typical vinegar based salad dressings and recipes that call for vinegar. Rose adds an interesting new taste to the vinegar, which makes it highly appealing for a wide range of palates. Rose infused vinegar makes a wonderful gift for friends and family members. Simply pour the vinegar into a decorative bottle or jar and tie with a pretty ribbon. Whatever your future plans are for your vinegar – you will not be disappointed.

Only use rose petals from rose bushes that you are sure were grown without pesticides, insecticides or chemical based fertilizers. The chemicals will travel from the roots and stems to the petals, which can be harmful if ingested. Do not use roses that came from a florist or anywhere that you are unsure of the growing practices. To ensure safe rose petals use your own organically grown or another gardener who does not sue chemicals.

Cut rose blooms off the rose bush with a pair of sharp cutters.

As soon as you’ve cut the roses, pluck the petals off the flower one by one. Place the petals into a large colander.

Place the petal filled colander into a sink.

Rinse the petals with cold tap water -- just a quick rinse. Do not allow the petals to soak because you will lose flavor. Do not rub the petals because you will bruise them.

Shake the colander to remove the excess water and set them aside.

Wash a lidded bottle or jar.

Place the petals one by one into the bottle or jar until it is filled loosely. Do not attempt to force petals into the jar and pack the rose petals in tightly. Continue to place petals into the bottle or jar until it is filled approximately ½ inch from the top.

Place a funnel into narrow neck bottles.

Pour white vinegar into the bottle or jar until the rose petals are just covered.

Place the lid on the jar or bottle and set in a cool area, out of direct sunlight for seven to 10 days.

Open the jar or bottle and taste the vinegar to determine if it has enough rose flavor. If the vinegar does not have adequate rose flavoring, put the lid back onto the jar and let it sit for an additional three to four days. Taste the vinegar again to determine if the flavor is right for you. Continue to allow the rose petals to remain in the vinegar until the vinegar has taken on the proper amount of rose infusion for your tastes. Some people prefer a lighter rose flavor, while others prefer a stronger rose flavor or somewhere in between.

Pour the vinegar through a strainer to separate the rose petals from the vinegar.

Pour the rose infused vinegar into a clean, decorative, pretty bottle with a cap.

Use the vinegar in salad dressings, recipes or as a gift.


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