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SAHMS Are Supposed to "Bake" They Say

Updated on November 20, 2015

Apple Pie Challenge

Hey Guys!

So my husband often makes this joke "shouldn't you be baking or something?" in reference to my being a SAHM. So I decided to do just that. Now, baking isn't foreign to me. I just usually...bake from a box *ahem*. Baking from scratch is definitely more of an experiment. My thoughts while cooking are usually "let's throw this in and hope it goes well".

I looked through tons of recipes online trying to figure out something good to make. I looked on Pinterest (my favorite),,, I even went as far as to look up MasterChef recipes. I thought about going way over the top and making something most people don't make everyday. I considered those little tiny Macaroons in all the pretty colors or something that few people can pronounce like Pannacotta or Taramisu. I trumped that idea rather quickly when I thought about having to first go grocery shopping for all of the ingredients.

I found something to make that I already had the ingredients for. I went with Mini Apple Pies. Oooooooo. Ahhhhhhh. Mmmmmm. Simple right? Well...let me tell you... I have never been so clueless while making something in my life. There were too many yummy recipes and I couldn't decide which one to use. After looking through so many, I decided to just pull out the ingredients I wanted to use and do it all MY WAY.

Ice Water

Brown sugar
Granulated sugar
Lemon juice

I went on to use whatever amounts I felt like using of each ingredient, sorry I have no specific measurements.

I first made the dough. I used lots of flour, a dash of salt, and a lot of butter. Once I kneaded and got it all to start sticking together I added a few small teaspoons of ice water at a time until it started to look like my Moms at Christmas time. That memory was very faint so I could only hope that it had a resemblance. When it was rolled into 2 balls, It looked kind of... odd but once I added a bit more ice water it came together pretty well and looked perfect.

Next, I made the filling which I found out afterward that I did this backward. I should have made the filling first that way when the crust was finished I could just throw in the filling and move on. That was fail number one. So after I made the crust it got warm and sticky while I peeled apples and mixed all of the filling ingredients together. None the less I put it in the freezer for a few minutes to get it firm again.

I used a muffin pan for the minis, second fail (I'll tell you why later in the post). I put the bottoms into the pan, spooned in the filling, and covered the pies with a top layer of crust. I measured the crusts by cutting them out with the rim of a glass. It made a perfect circle.

Popped them in the oven until brown and ta-da! Finished!

Well half way through the baking I remembered I wanted to put egg wash on the tops so I put it on when I remembered. Not a bad idea. It gave the pies this beautiful shine.

Oh! I forgot to mention I made one of the pies "dutch style" just to see which was better. For that one I did the same thing accept I didn't cover the top with crust. Instead I mixed brown sugar, granulated sugar, butter, flour, and I threw in some oatmeal as I've seen in the frozen kind before.

The Taste:
I popped a pie out of the muffin pan. It came out without any problems. It mirrored a muffin though. My first thought was "Oh boy, I think I just made "Apple Pie Stuffed Muffins". So, I gave my husband the first taste. I always make him try things first. If he doesn't like it, odds are I won"t either. Now, my husband is the ultimate food critic. He is a self taught cook and has been cooking and catering for years. So he takes his fork and taps the top of the mini pie first. It sounded really hard. You would of thought I was a contestant on MasterChef, I was darn near biting my nails afraid that it would be terrible. Than, he cut it in half and I could already tell that the pie crust was not right. It was way too thick. Hence why the muffin pan was not a good idea. It was too deep and I couldn't see through the pan to get an idea of how it'd turn out. Next time I'll just make a regular size pie in a glass pie pan. Well, he said it tasted like a biscuit. Lmbo. BUT, he said that the filling was delicious.

After tasting for myself, I concluded that I used too much flour in the crust and did not roll it out thin enough. Also, I could have stuffed the pies with more filling. Overall it was edible! I ended up eating the one that I made "dutch style". I should have made them all Dutch, it had less pie crust so it was yummy! Lucky me! Heehee

Hey, I made a great effort. I did this little experiment right before my husband got home, hoping to surprise him with a super delectable dessert. It was also during my sons nap time, so I rushed. I mean, I was hopping over baby gates and trying not to make too much noise as I got out all of the ingredients. I should have recorded myself. I can imagine it would have been quite entertaining to watch. I made the pies my own and they weren't extremely terrible. They were tasty to a certain extent! Although my husband probably won;t eat another one. Lol I will happily finish them, after all I only made 6 minis (plus the one Dutch).

If you have something you've been wanting to experiment with, go ahead and do it! It doesn't hurt to try and I'm sure you'll have a bunch of fun through out the process. I know I did. I felt like a kid again just throwing whatever ingredients I wanted into a bowl! I'll have to make another pie soon to make it better. Until then, thanks for reading!


I forgot to take the picture before we tried them, sorry. As you can see, the filling bubbled out of the pies but boy was it delish!
I forgot to take the picture before we tried them, sorry. As you can see, the filling bubbled out of the pies but boy was it delish! | Source

Mini Apple

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Did the made up recipe work well?

The filling was great! I am proud of that. The crust however just needed less flour and maybe more butter. Not bad though. I will use this recipe again with the necessary revisions.


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