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Updated on April 17, 2010

Silverware or flatware includes forks, knives and spoons. These are usually sold in sets or open stocks in sets of 4 — 6 — 8 — 12. A place setting is made up of a knife, fork, spoons, teaspoons. Generally, there are two kinds of silver: the sterling and the plated. Sterling silver is solid silver and will last for generations. The more it is used, the lovelier it becomes. Frequent use prevents tarnish and helps to develop a satiny luster. Plated silver is either silverplated or gold electroplated. An overlap of plating on areas of greatest wear makes it heavy and looks and feels like sterling. Stainless steel flatware, modern metal, is a combination of steel, chrome and nickle. Today's homemakers choose stainless for everyday use and for guests.


1. Wash and rinse promptly in hot water.

2. Dry completely and quickly to retain luster.

3. Use mild detergent

4. Store in tarnish-proof flannel bags.

5. Keep away from rubber bands.

6. Use only for intended purpose.

7. Use a small, soft brush for cleaning the crevices in ornamental silver.


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