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Updated on April 5, 2010


3 – 4 eggs

2 med potatoes

half a pumpkin or a sweet potato




salt and pepper

basil and chives

small can of smoked salmon (or tuna)

dash of milk

cheese (tasty, fetta, boccocini – what ever you like)

dash of salad dressing, mayo or mustard – or all of them if you like!

puff pastry

Either slice or dice two small potatoes and half a pumpkin (or sweet potato) making sure the pieces are the same size (more or less). Steam them for around 10 min, until they are slightly softened.

Whisk 3 – 4 eggs with chives, herbs, salt, pepper, basil and a splash of milk. Add some cheese if you like. I often add a wee bit of salad dressing or mustard or even mayo! I know it sounds weird but these are the secret ingredients and it always tastes better when they’ve been added. Just a little bit of each though.

Get the puff pastry out of the freezer and let it thaw out.

Fry up some capsicum, onion and mushrooms. Add them to the egg mix once they’ve cooled down a tad.

Add the steamed veg once they’ve cooled a little. Rinse them will cool water if you have to.

Spray the baking dish, line with pastry and fill it with the egg mixture. Sprinkle the smoked salmon on top of the mixture making sure its relatively even. If you layer it too thickly it will burn so don’t go overboard.

NOTE: If you want to you can make this without pastry, it will still be quite tasty. Frittata is so ‘in’ right now!

Bake until cooked. I think it usually takes about an hour. If you’re not quite sure, just press the top of it. If its firm and springs back it’s ready.


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