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SUSTA: Unique All-Natural Sweetener

Updated on February 12, 2011

Are you looking for a way to cut calories yet continue to enjoy sweet beverages and foods without having to ingest all of the chemicals in artificial sweeteners?

You’ll be excited to discover SUSTA, a unique all-natural sweetener that does much more than just add flavor. SUSTA has many health benefits and – possibly most importantly – SUSTA tastes great! It doesn’t have the chemical aftertaste associated with artificial sweeteners, something many dieters will find to be a plus!

Understanding SUSTA

SUSTA is like nothing else on the market. This unique product is an all-natural sweetener that has 23 essentials vitamins and minerals, and also is a source of both dietary fiber and probiotics that can support immune function and digestive health. It is actually classified as a low-glycemic food product, making it an excellent choice for those who are trying to lose or maintain weight or who have chosen to follow a diabetic or heart-healthy eating plan.

SUSTA is not calorie free or sugar free, but has only five calories and less than half of a gram of fructose per packet. Each packet is a single serving, in the same manner as is true with packets of sugar, artificial sweeteners and other natural sweeteners. Because SUSTA has some caloric value, it actually does a better job satisfying a person’s craving for sweets than sweeteners that add taste but provide no nutritional value. While consuming artificial sweeteners can actually lead to an increased cravings for sweets – which can lead to overeating and even possibly bingeing – this is not the case with SUSTA. This sweetener is not a trigger for sugar cravings.

SUSTA provides many other significant diet and health benefits. For example, SUSTA is designed specifically to keep blood sugar spikes under control, as well as to reduce the potential for adverse insulin response. SUSTA also has a blunting effect on foods the high glycemic foods and beverages that you do ingest, which means it helps keep them from having such a significant impact on your blood sugar, assuming that you consume a high-glycemic food or beverage at the same time you are consuming SUSTA.

More Facts About SUSTA

In addition to being an all-natural sweetener, SUSTA is also free from cholesterol and does not contain any gluten. It is also a vegan product. This unique all natural sweetener is also free from alcohol, caffeine, egg, dairy, lactose and yeast. There is a place for SUSTA in just about anyone’s diet. To learn more about SUSTA, visit the NXT Nutritionals website.

Special thanks to NXT Nutritionals for providing me with an opportunity to review this product.


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  • pmccray profile image

    pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

    Susta sounds like a viable substitution for sugar. Gluten free is another plus. Thanks for sharing this great nutritional data.