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Sainsbury’s Basics Milk Chocolate (Product Review): A Sugar Fix On The Cheap

Updated on October 4, 2014

Are you a major chocolate addict? Well, really, who isn’t? Of course, there is always the odd freak who claims not to have any real interest in or taste for the stuff. But they’re just crazy people talking crazy talk!

Personally I’m happy to say that I need a regular chocolate fix, but I’m not particularly a snob about it. And by that I mean, not one of those cookbook buying, restaurant dining column reading foodie obsessives who will go on to you at the greatest of length about seventy per cent cocoa solids and how dark chocolate has more flavonoids and bioactive phytochemicals and depressions fighting whatnots. I hate those people! (Not really. But they are annoying, certainly).

Ooh chocolate!

Public domain image.
Public domain image. | Source

If I’m honest – can I tell you a secret? I prefer milk chocolate. And I even, quite often, have a secret hankering for white chocolate, which for any ‘true’ chocolate lover is barely counted as ‘real’ chocolate at all, but rather as a slightly pathetic sugary treat for children. Well, what do they know!

Still, looking on the brght side, ‘regular’ non-connoisseur chocolate is a heck of a lot cheaper than the fancy, chilli or stem-ginger stuff. (And if we’re talking about Cadbury’s, I believe you can even get regular Fair Trade chocolate now).

But if you’re on a real economy drive, then you can’t do much better than Sainsbury’s Basics chocolate bars. Coming in milk, plain and white chocolate variants, they are currently available at a stonking thirty-three pence apiece. Major bargain! These yummy little bars are a generous one hundred grams each, come in the familiar white and orange labels, and I can especially recommend the milk and white chocolate varieties as especially delicious (although I’m not that keen on dark chocolate to start with.) Also they're great for milk chocolate baking recipes, whether you're making milk chocolate cheesecake, milk chocolate cookies or milk chocolate tart.

Looking after your budget, but wanting to cater to your sweet tooth? Try some Sainsbury’s Basics Milk Chocolate!


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