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Salmon burgers, better than beef

Updated on October 4, 2011

Make great salmon burgers and skip the fatty beef

This is one of my all time favorite recipes!

I am a vegetarian however, once in a great while... I cheat. This recipe is so good for you I never feel guilty if I do. Salmon is high in natural calcium and protein. I will only use wild caught salmon. Please do not buy salmon from factory farms. Make sure what you purchase comes from the actual sea. I would rather see my readers eat salmon from a can way before I would want them to even know about factory farm fish. Wild caught salmon supports hard working fishermen and women and it also encourages American made jobs. Here is the recipe!

1 can wild caught salmon

1/4 cup onion

1 yellow squash

1 cucumber

1 egg

garlic, sage, and savory

salt and pepper

I start with fresh or canned salmon and mash the fish in a bowl. I add two tablespoons of lemon juice, salt and pepper. I add garlic, sage, and savory seasoning to taste. Then I grate 1 Yellow squash and one small cucumber. I add this mixture to the bowl. I add 1/4 cup of chopped green onion and one egg. Then I mix the whole content together and make burgers shapes to fry at low to medium heat. I like things hot so I often add red pepper flakes. If red pepper is too much for you add a little BBQ sause to your oiled pan. You can drop each side of the uncooked salmon burgers in flour if you like. I ususally do not. I make burgers wide and let each side cook to a point where a brown coating is visible. Then I plate the burgers and serve next to a salad with a glass of white wine and enjoy.

Serve this as often as you like with fresh fried potatoes or potato wedges. Don't forget my Italian style cabbage salad. So, Make dinner fun fabulous and healthy. Look for more of my recipes and articles on Hubpages. You can also find me on Facebook and Myspace.

by author Joanne Kathleen Farrell


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