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Salt and Unusual Uses

Updated on August 26, 2020
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Everybody uses salt directly or indirectly. They use it directly as a food seasoning. It might be hard to believe, but there are more than 14,000 different ways that salt can be used.

It might also be hard to believe that only 6 percent of salt goes into the foods we eat. So, what happens to the other 94 percent?

More Than 14,000 Uses

The more than 14,000 different ways to use salt will not be listed in this article, but some of the categories will be shared to get readers thinking about the indirectly uses of salt.

For instance, salt is used for more than just seasoning foods. It is used in products such as plastics, paper, glass, rubber, polyester, and fertilizers. Did you know salt is used to make household products such as soaps, detergents, bleaches, and dyes?


Use Salt For Cooking

The Number 1 use of salt is to enhance the flavor of food. It keeps food from tasting bland. Salt is also used to preserve meat. Long ago when there was no refrigeration, salt was used to keep meat and fish from spoiling.

  • Add a little salt to boiling water when cooking eggs to keep a cracked one in its shell.
  • Salt is used in the freezing process to make ice cream. However, no salt gets into the ice cream.
  • Rub poultry with salt to remove pin feathers. The rubbing on of salt also enhances the flavor of the chicken when it is cooked.
  • Scales will come off easily from fish if you soak them in saltwater.
  • Put salt in boiling water to keep spaghetti and other pasta from sticking.
  • Adding a pinch of salt to milk will make it stay fresh longer. Remember though that it is just a pinch. You don't want to change the taste of the milk.
  • Prevent cheese from molding by wrapping it in a cloth moistened with salt and water before refrigerating.
  • Pancakes won't stick to your griddle if you rub salt on the griddle first before pouring the batter onto the griddle.
  • Add a little salt to your pan to keep grease from splattering when you are cooking bacon, fish, chicken, pork chops and chicken livers.

Use Salt to Clean

Salt is a cleaning agent and much cheaper than some household products.

  • Mix salt with vinegar and wash hands to remove the smelly scent from them after handling onions, garlic, and fish.
  • Use salt to clean and deodorize water bottles.
  • Add a bit of salt to greasy dishes and pans and wipe with a towel.
  • Don't settle for stains on your glasses caused by tea or coffee. Wash them with salt.
  • Most cooks hate burnt food odor in their ovens and on their stoves. Sprinkle salt and cinnamon on the dirty areas while the appliances are still hot. When they are cooled, brush off the baked-on food.
  • Rub a thin paste of salad oil and salt on spots and rings left on tables from wet dishes. After a couple of hours, wipe off with a cloth.
  • Brighten faded clothing by washing them in salt and water.
  • Mix four tablespoons of salt to a quart of hot water and sponge over sweat stains to remove them from clothes.
  • Sprinkle salt on ink spots, wine spots, grease, and other dirty areas on your carpet. The salt will soak up the stains.
  • If you have a smelly garbage disposal, dump 1/2 cup salt, run cold water, and start the disposal. The salt will dislodge stuck waste and neutralize odors.
  • Clean the inside of your refrigerator with salty water.
  • Remove tea and coffee stains from cups and pots by cleaning them with salt.


Use Salt For Your Health

People often talk about having too much salt in the bodies, but some salt is necessary for the body's electrolyte within the cells. In fact, everybody needs some salt in their bodies to survive.

  • If you run out of toothpaste, brush your teeth with salt because salt makes a good tooth polisher.
  • A saltwater flush is good for cleaning out the digestive tract and to aid in constipation.
  • Gargle with regular salt or sea salt mixed with water as hot as you can tolerate when you have a sore throat. Don't swallow the water. So, make sure to spit out the saltwater. Gargling with salt will disinfect the mouth and give people a fresh breath.

  • Salt will draw out water from the tissues of your swollen feet and ankles. Submerge them in a warm salt bath to reduce swelling.

  • Clean sinuses and remove mucus by using salt and warm water in your nostrils. This is also a good way to get rid of congestion when you have a cold or virus.

  • Remove dead skin from elbows, knees, and feet by adding raw honey to sea salt and massage onto the areas.

  • Add salt to your bath water to relax and to help sore muscles and aching joints.
  • Relieve the pain and itching from poison ivy, bee stings, mosquito, and bug bites by soaking the area in salt.
  • Salt will help reduce allergens, support the immune system, boost serotonin levels, and improve mental alertness.


Others Uses of Salt

Here are some miscellaneous uses for salt.


  • Salt tossed on a grease fire will smother flames.
  • Soak new candles in salt and water for a few hours to keep them from dripping.


  • Salt will help keep weeds and grass from growing in cracks in the patio. Just sprinkle the area with salt and add a touch of water.
  • Use salt to kill weeds on your lawn.
  • To kill poison ivy plants, pour on a mixture of three pounds of salt and a gallon of soapy water.


  • Keep your car windows from frosting and collecting snow and ice by rubbing them with saltwater in a cloth bag.


  • Boil mismatched hose in salty water and they will come out looking the same.
  • Sprinkle salt in your shoes to remove moisture and help eliminate odors.
  • Keep ants from coming into your house by sprinkling your door sill and window sill with salt. If they do get into your kitchen, sprinkle salt on shelves to keep them away. Ants don't like salt.


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