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Sandwich Building, 3 Tips

Updated on July 25, 2012
Homemade sandwich
Homemade sandwich | Source
Sliced down the middle
Sliced down the middle | Source

Sandwiches, who doesn't love them in some shape or form? They are good for all who are willing to explore creating something good to eat.

They are portable.

They are economical.

They are versatile.

They can be simple, with just bread and peanut butter or jelly or even just butter.

They can be as complicated and elegant as stack flavors with special sauces, herbs, breads and spices.

They can be baked, fried, grilled, stuffed or just plain ole toast.

There are no limits to what one can create, when it comes to sandwiches, and every culture in some form is enthusiastic about them, building businesses around them as well as a foodie cult following, just check out what is playing on your TV.

Kids love them, grown ups love them and all that are in between. They are an easy convenient food that satisfies anyones hunger in an typically easy to carry package.

You can eat them out of your hand, or with a knife and fork, it all depends on how much you have stuffed into your bread.

It can be two slices, a roll, a bun, a tube, a pocket or just a wrap, it all depends on the individual.

It can be meatless - vegetarian, typically made with grilled Portobello and other meaty veges, like tomato or avocado. Or full of meat, even several types of meat, cooked multiple ways! Never forget seafood as well. It can even be sweet, dessert like satisfying ones sweet tooth.

Sandwiches reflect the individual taste like no other food, which i think makes it even more enjoyable, because every individual can have their own!!! Special or a regular. It is all the personal choice.

Three (3) Tips

  1. Flavor, Flavor, Flavor
  2. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh
  3. Sturdy bread,

Quick history facts

  • inventor - John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich
  • why - it's debatable but this is what is speculated and known, created at the naval work desk or the gambling table, all for convenience
  • when - 1700's
  • how - he ordered his servants to bring slices meats and bread
  • where - Britain

His gambling friends soon followed suit, requesting, "the same as Sandwich," - the man not the item.

Building tips

  • layers of flavor
  • how fixings cooked
  • types of veges
  • dressing
  • spices
  • bread

Special ingredients

  • secret sauces
  • veges
  • cheeses

Method of cooking bread

  • toast
  • grilled
  • fried
  • out of the bag


Personally, I think they all depend on how simple the taste, or complicated the taste of your sandwich. You should not have sides that conflict or over power the flavors of your masterpiece. In my opinion, i also feel if you have too many flavors you will not enjoy the experience as much when they hit your taste buds.

  • fries
  • chips
  • fruit
  • drinks


  • pickles
  • olives
  • slaw
  • salad
  • fruit

All said and down i believe what ever you eat should impact all of your taste buds as they hit your tongue and you chew. It should be an earth shattering experience.

So don't eat when you are too hungry because we tend to gobble, wolfing down our food and missing out on the flavorful pleasure.

Remember to experiment and create whatever you want, putting whatever flavors you enjoy between some bread, turning it into something spectacular!!!

Conclusion, slightly

Side note, when building your perfect sandwich remember to get every taste bud involved.

The tongue is covered with taste buds and each section of the tongue is geared towards certain flavors. Here's a breakdown and location. Apparently the roof of your mouth is covered as well.

  • The tip - salty / sweet
  • right side - sour
  • left side - sour
  • back - bitter
  • middle hardly any taste buds, neutral


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