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Some Easy and quick Valentines day desserts that you can do if you are in a hurry!

Updated on February 9, 2013
The mini rose bouquet cake pops look declicious to eat.
The mini rose bouquet cake pops look declicious to eat.

These valentines day baking recipes that I will be listing are some of the easiest to make at home and I think its also a good way in my opinion to be economical meaning that you wont have to go to a store to waste a lot of money on such things as cookies, flowers or even chocolate. Some of the baking valentines day recipes that are perfect for this special occasion are the mini rose cake pops, cupcakes such as the heart desired, valentine brownie points, and the heart to heart cookies that come in a variety of colors. The main point of this is to have fun baking and enjoy the baking recipes that you do with your friends and family or that special someone that is in your life.

Mini Rose Bouquet cake on a stick-

This is a give a mini bouquet of flowers to your valentine this one is a good valentine idea to give to that person that you love the most and it is also a great substitute for the real flowers that are always sold each year on February for valentines day but the only difference is that the roses will be made out of bread ready to decorate and eat. You can also use the sticks as rose stems for a more sophisticated and romantic feel. There are only two steps that you have to follow to make this in the first step- you have to bake your own favorite cake or brownie it can be either one of those two you choose into a rose mini cake pan then take away from the pan and let it cool off for a few moments. Then the second step- you have to do is use some red red and Christmas mix of red of cake icing so basically you take the icing to trace the cake tops and follow the shape of the petals.

Then you add in some sugar to put in the green cake icing insert a cookie stick into the melted candy and let the stick go thru the back of the rose cake.

The heart embroidered cupcake looks fantastic!
The heart embroidered cupcake looks fantastic!
I totally love how these cookies look:)
I totally love how these cookies look:)

How to make the desired heart embroidered cupcake

When you do these type of cupcakes for valentines day you use the icing embroidery now this is a special technique that is used to ice the cupcakes it looks hard to accomplish when you look at it with your eyes but its not impossible if you learn how to do it right. To make the heart shape the icing is cut out from a fondant heart then lastly the icing is pulled to the center using a brush. This recipe makes up to one cupcake for each person.

There are three steps that you need to follow to make these precious cupcakes the first step- is you need to bake and cool cupcakes into a silicone mold with a cookie sheet, then for the second step- you begin to ice the cupcakes with white butter-cream all around once you have iced all of the cupcakes its time to roll out the fondant and use a 2nd small cutter that comes with the set to make the shape of a heart on each cupcake. The last final step- is to brush the embroidery figure on the heart with 2 rose icing and square tip brushes make sure to add two rose buds on each heart.

Heart to heart cookies-

I like the fact that these cookies come in two hearts attached to make it into one cookie some of the ingredients that you need to make these adorable heart to heart cookies are you need five different types of icing coloring the first one is

  • The Kelly green icing coloring
  • Pink Icing color
  • Violet Icing coloring
  • Lemon yellow Icing color
  • Red Red Icing color

Each batch of cookies makes it into 1 serving per cookie so if you want two cookies or one then you just get one cookie at a time.

The instructions

There are three steps to follow to complete the cookie making for valentines day

  1. First you roll out the dough to cut the cookies using a double heart cutter to convert the cookies into a heart shaped because if they are not shaped into hearts then they wont be for valentines day. Outline the cookies with tip 3 and usethe full strenght color flow icing to ice the cookies let the icing set well on top of th cookies.
  2. Next get the thin color flow icing with the water and using tip 3 start filling the top of the heart cookies with words and decorations make sure to let the icing on the cookies get dry once you are don decorating
  3. Another thing to know is use tip 3 of the thin color flow to write words thatyou want to appear on your own cookies.


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    • spotlight19 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer Pena 

      5 years ago from California

      You welcome guys Im really glad you read my article and commented on it thanks:)

    • frogyfish profile image


      5 years ago from Central United States of America

      I really like your mini rose bouquet idea and also the heart cupcake. Thanks for sharing your recipes and pix for us.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Some great desserts for Valentine Day. I love the heart cookies. Thank you for sharing...


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