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Culinary Content: Sauerkraut, Energy Bars, Chocolate Cups, Etc.

Updated on December 1, 2007
Iron Stef
Iron Stef

Culinary Content is a regular feature in my column here at Hubpages where I share the delicious recipes and food related articles I have come across in my travels online. This time, we have a dish inspired by the Satires of Horace, savory muffins, homemade sauerkraut, a recipe for granola energy bars, chocolate peanut butter cups, Indian pudding, and a creative idea for a kitchen bulletin board. Enjoy!

To mix the literary and the culinary, check out this recipe for Horace's Tagliatelle from Seasonal Ontario Food Adapted from a three-word description in one of the Satires of Horace by Patience Gray (author of Honey from a Weed) this is a very simple little pasta dish with chickpeas, leeks, and parsley. It looks refreshing, healthy, and quite tasty.

Can muffins be savory? You bet. And these little Cake Tomate, Pistache & Chorizo (Tomato, Pistachio, and Chorizo Muffins) from Iron Stef look like a perfect finger-food appetizer. Iron Stef used salami for them and says: "because of the guy-friendly mixture of salami and pistachio, I really want to name them 'man muffins,' but that sort of takes the manliness away from them, huh?" Heh!

Here's a simple little sauerkraut recipe from Coconut & Lime. I had no idea, but apparently sauerkraut is a Thanksgiving tradition in Baltimore.

Have you ever wanted to make your own granola bars? This recipe for dried fruit granola energy bars over at Baking and Books looks quite easy and I'd be willing to bet homemade bars taste much better than store-bought ones. And they are minus the less-desireable ingredients, too, like preservatives and high fructose corn syrup.

And in the same vein of homemade treats, here is a delicious looking recipe for chocolate peanut butter cups and chocolate peppermint patties at BitterSweet.

I have had several variations of the classic Indian pudding at various Indian restaurants throughout my life, and everyone has been different. The great thing is, though, that every one has been really good. This recipe for Indian Pudding over at Simply Recipes looks wonderfully delicious too. What a neat thing to try at home!

Do you keep your wine corks? Are you planning to buy any tangerines this season? If you answer yes to both of those, could you or someone you know use a little kitchen bulletin board? I loved this idea for a homemade bulletin board made out of a tangerine box and wine corks from It has an eclectic yet still stylish look. I've never really known why, but we keep our used wine corks in a little bin on top of the fridge, and now there is a purpose!


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