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Make ahead Sausage Biscuits Better than McDonalds!

Updated on August 29, 2012

Christmas Morning Biscuits New Mexico

Also, good for Game Day Snack and Salad Luncheon companion biscuit

How about waking up to warm sausage biscuits on Christmas morning? Add a glass of orange juice and a cup of gourmet coffee and what could be better? (See Coffee Purist below!)

Relaxing and NOT cooking on Christmas morning would be better!

Here is a recipe for make-ahead sausage biscuits. Make them a day or days ahead and just pop them into the microwave and serve for breakfast on Christmas morning.

Do note that the turkey has a wonderful sausage flavor and is very low fat. If you use a bit of salt sprinkled on a cast iron skillet you will not need to cook with any added oils.

Of course, having your grandmother’s cast iron skillet with about a hundred years worth of seasoning does make a lovely difference! Why not start your own family history and get a cast iron skillet? You will find this kind of skillet indispensable!

These also make great take-along-to-work biscuits too. Save some money by making your own gourmet coffee (see Coffee Purists article) and now add to it these tasty biscuits!

Christmas Morning Biscuit Recipe

One package of prepared biscuit mix *

1 pound Turkey Sausage

¼ C. green chilés

Make the biscuit mix per the package (use the drop biscuit recipe)

Fully cook and brown the turkey sausage and break into small pieces

Add the green chilés to the sausage

Mix the sausage and green chilés into the batter

Spoon out onto a baking sheet

Bake per the recipe on the box. However, I find the baking time to be greatly increased. I wait until I get a nice brown top on the biscuits.

These may be eaten fresh from the oven or kept in the fridge for a couple of days or frozen for much later consumption.

These biscuits do not take much time in the microwave. So, on Christmas morning begin with about 11 seconds in the microwave and adjust from there. It does depend on the wattage of your microwave.

I like these sausage biscuits better than those made at a certain fast food place!

These make a nice luncheon biscuit as served with a salad too. Why, you can even take them to a potluck or serve them as a game day snack.

*You may make drop biscuits from scratch too!


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