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How to Save On Your Average Grocery Bill & Go To The Grocery Store Less

Updated on November 11, 2016

I am saving money on my grocery bills now...Thank You Creator

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It's hard looking for affordable family recipes. Especially low budget and healthy recipes. What if all of those random ingredients in your pantry could make a delicious meal? Or many delicious meals? Using a great new (and free!) website I have managed to lower my average grocery bill. Here's the story:

got home from work on a Monday after a weekend getaway and had therefore skipped the Saturday trip to Price Chopper. I was tired from both the weekend and the day at work, and even though Price Chopper is a two minute ride from my house, I didn't feel like going there, dealing with the hassle of chopping carts, crying children, and navigating the self check-out line (because i never have the patience to wait in an actual person-operated line).

So hungry, and burned-out, and hungry, I started surfing the net. The kind of surfing where you just surf from one thing to another- whatever comes to mind. No objective here - no food energy left for my brain to draw from.....I google Recipes... eh, the usual recipe websites that will teach me how to do creme brulee if only I had creme, egg and a mini-torch.... All of a sudden a burning light of hope pops up in my head and I thought, maybe some computer genius has come up with an idea for a website that lets you tell it what cooking ingredients you have and it tells you what you can cook out of them.

So I google.... And YES, some computer genius did come up with this idea. And they were not lazy .... they made their idea into a reality. YES. Thank You, Computer Geeks Everywhere!

An hour later, after I told the website everything I had in my pantry and my refrigerator ( milk, cheddar, cajun seasoning, etc.) I discovered that I had 431 total things I could create, and 33 entrees I could make that night! Without having to do the stupid self-checkout at Price Chopper!

I had a (VERY frugal dinner!) pasta with peas and Parmesan cheese that night, and after I had brown-sugar baked bananas with a little chocolate syrup on top. Man, I ate like a King.

As I digested my delicious, impromptu dinner, I thought about all the grocery savings Supercook can bring me. Ah.

So, with no further adieu! - the website:


I have tried most of the use-what-you-have based websites and this is the one I prefer as it shows me what I can make starting with dishes for which I have all of the ingredients, and then dishes for which I need one ingredient, and then dishes for which I need two, etc. Awesome.


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