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Savory Summer Veggie Omelette Highlights All the Variety and Delicious Flavors from the Garden

Updated on December 24, 2013

Looking for a way to combine all those lovely fresh summer vegetables and herbs into one dish that can really show off the richness and diversity of your summer vegetable garden? Try this scrumptious summer omelet as a great brunch or evening meal that will delight your taste buds and give your body all the nutrition it needs to tackle those summer chores with energy and enthusiasm.

Fresh garden veggies for a delicious and healthy omelet
Fresh garden veggies for a delicious and healthy omelet | Source
Kale - a superfood full of vitamins and minerals
Kale - a superfood full of vitamins and minerals | Source


We start with chopped greens, for all their super rich vitamin and mineral content. Three or four large kale leaves and two or three plump juicy Swiss chard leaves. In our garden this is a lot of greens, but if your greens are not that large, just double the number of leaves. Don't be afraid of using these pungent and nutritious goodies in your omelet. Instead, just remove the tough portions of the stem (usually the bottom two thirds of the stem in the leaf), chop them up and sauté them with a few diced green onions as you start the vegetable mix for the omelet. They add a wonderful tang and juicy wetness that you just can't get any other way; and they are powerhouses when it comes to nutrition. Kale, in fact, is considered a superfood, even higher in vitamins and minerals than dandelion, which is saying something!


Summer squash works very well in the omelet, either zucchini or yellow is fine, we have a lot of both and yellow has always been my favorite, so that was our choice. One large squash (around 2 and a half to three inches in diameter) will be twice what you need. Cut it in half, peel it if the skin is tough, and dice it. The squash should be tossed in right after the greens and onions are simmering.

Beautiful delicious summer squash
Beautiful delicious summer squash | Source
Fresh herbs from the garden
Fresh herbs from the garden | Source


Nothing adds flavor and interest like fresh garden herbs and in this omelet we go all out. Three or four good sized leaves of sage, a healthy sprig of Italian parsley, three or four good sized basil leaves, a three to four inch sprig of rosemary and a nice sprig of summer savory all go into the mix.

Split the parsley in half and reserve half to go directly into the eggs. Likewise, set the summer savory aside to go into the eggs as well.

Use scissors to cut the sage and basil directly into the simmering pan of greens, onion and squash and stir it up to mix it all thoroughly.

Crisp crunchy celery fresh from the garden
Crisp crunchy celery fresh from the garden | Source
Golden Nugget tomatoes are the perfect omelet tomatoes
Golden Nugget tomatoes are the perfect omelet tomatoes | Source
Fresh eggs from our girls
Fresh eggs from our girls | Source

Celery and Tomatoes

These are the last two ingredients to go into the pan of vegetables that will make up the filling for your omelet. This ensures crisp crunchy celery and tomato that is not lost to overcooking. In our garden, the tomatoes for the job are the golden nugget cherry tomatoes, about six to eight of them, or more if you really love tomato. Chop two good sized stalks or four baby stalks of celery and quarter the tomatoes and put them all in at the same time. Now stir it all so it is well mixed, turn the heat down as low as it goes and cover the pan while you whip up your fresh eggs.

Don't forget to add the parsley and summer savory, minced fine, to the eggs before pouring them in to the pan.

You can also reserve a bit of the parsley to garnish the omelet when it is served.

Time to Cook the Omelet!

I like to make up the mix and then make individual omelets with three of our still rather small fresh chicken eggs from the new layers. A small pinch of salt, a turn of the peppermill and a pinch each of the parsley and summer savory go into the eggs once they are whipped and then straight into the hot pan. Let the bottom surface cook, then drag the egg across the pan and tip to let the liquid egg cover the bare surface you created, fill the newly created and now starting to cook and firm up egg on that side of the pan with the veggies, then gently fold the egg you pulled aside over the top of the veggies and let stand for about one to two minutes depending on the heat of your pan (it should be really hot). Each omelet takes two to three minutes to cook when done this way, because the vegetables are already hot so do not slow down the cooking time.

You can add a cheese to your omelet when you put the veggies in to the pan of egg or shred some nice cheese on top when you take it out of the pan if you like cheese in your omelets. A nice super sharp cheddar is an excellent complement to this garden extravaganza. In any event, it should be a cheese with some flavor of its own to be a match for all the flavors in the omelet.



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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      Beautiful looking garden.

    • healthylife2 profile image

      Healthy Life 5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      I'm always looking for creative ways to add vegetables so appreciate your omelet idea. Sometimes my kids even like eggs for dinner so you gave me an idea for this week. Voted up!

    • profile image

      Ghaelach 5 years ago

      Great idea for an alterative omelet.

    • profile image

      Fiddleman 5 years ago

      Great article and breakfast omelets are my specialty and what is so great omelets or breakfast for that matter can be enjoyed for any meal. We sometimes have breakfast for supper. Imaginative,tasty and nutritious!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      We don't have chickens like you do, but love making omelets and often use herbs and veggies such as you utilize. I just used some swiss chard, onions, tomatoes and cheese in one made a few days ago. Yum! Nice job on this hub. Voted up and useful and will share.

    • glamourous06 profile image

      glamourous06 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      such a delicious and tasty article, thanks for sharing


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