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Savour the KFC Flavour

Updated on October 15, 2015

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has indeed given a new taste worth savouring to all chicken lovers. It is just the right amount of crispy along with being soft and well cooked. KFC’s wide range of dishes is not only admired by non-vegetarians but it is also inevitable for vegetarians to not become a fan. From burgers to wraps to desserts, KFC has gained immense popularity especially in Hyderabad.

So, if you find your taste buds craving for flavourful, crispy chicken at any time you can simply barge in to any of the 22 outlets of KFC Hyderabad for a taste literally heavenly at a price highly reasonable. Also, if you are unaware of the nearest KFC outlet in Hyderabad to you, at all information is provided in a clear format. KFC online ordering facility is also quite efficient as the website is well equipped with the KFC menu and all other details regarding the restaurant. Not to forget the unbeatable deals KFC online website provides. These deals are the cherry on the cake while ordering KFC online as they buy the customers free dishes and sometimes also reduce the bill amount by providing KFC coupon codes.

Since Hyderabad is a city having some of the premier institutions of the country and a lot of multi-national companies, KFC is the most feasible and pocket-friendly option. For munching an evening snack or simply for a sumptuous dinner, the KFC India menu provides a lot of options at an affordable price. To further make the experience even more cost-effective and thus, more exciting, KFC has also introduced a number of meals and buckets which are highly recommended and perfect for ordering among a large group of people or even private parties and gathering.

Some of these meals include:

KFC Box Meal

How about a box full of KFC goodies including a burger with their best complementing fries, Pepsi, a piece of chicken, KFC brownie and much more. Sounds like an idea for a perfect meal, right? Well, the KFC Rock Box Chicken and the KFC Veg Crunch Box are the best suited lunch or dinner options providing the goodness of so many KFC dishes in one.

KFC Bucket

KFC Buckets are a true delight. Be it a football match, IPL or the Worldcup finale, the KFC bucket is a must. The 8 piece hot and crispy bucket is all about crispy outside and soft inside chicken which tantalizes the taste-buds with the KFC authenticity. The 8 and 12 piece Fiery Grilled Chicken Bucket is sizzling. Grilled with flavourful herbs and spices and a touch of innovation, the Fiery Grilled Chicken is irresistible. But of course, if your taste buds are asking for more, more flavours and more chicken, opt for the mingles bucket which combines three chicken snacks in one just for you.

So, indulge in the ‘so good’ taste of KFC available in its outlets with a funky red ambience or simply call for KFC online delivery at your doorstep.


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