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Seasteading Floating City Restaurant

Updated on December 16, 2011

Take a boat ride to the floating city restaurant

photo by laughingsquid on Flickr
photo by laughingsquid on Flickr

Forbe's Island - Floating Restaurant Overlooking The City

Forbe's Island is one of the more unique fine dining restaurants to be found in the United States and looks to give its guests a fantasy dining experience both above and below the ocean from its position off of Fisherman's Wharf in the San Francisco Bay. It is a place where tourists can enjoy magnificent views from atop a 40ft lighthouse or dine underwater looking out into the ocean from portholes. It is a place where the Seasteading Institute pioneers such as Patri Friedman and other seasteading enthusiasts hold post-conference dinners to discuss their Libertarian dreams of floating cities and to imagine a life free from the increasingly oppressive world governments - in particular the United States regime. You need not look any further than recent congressional activity to realize that it is all a game that the US congress is playing with your freedom. They feign to be deliberating intensely on how to fund themselves without a budget or how to address the debt through unconstitutional supercommittees and yet nothing ever gets done on those fronts. However, it takes no time at all to pass the National Defense Authorization Act to allow detaining of American citizens indefinitely and without trial. How appropriate that it gets passed exactly 220 years after the Bill of Rights which it erodes. Similarly, they'll have you belive Iran is going to destroy the world if we do not send millions of dollars to the Middle East and further the war-mongering. Fool me once (Iraq which supposedly had weapons of mass destruction) shame on you. Fool me twice (Iran), shame on me.

But anyway, back to Forbe's Island, the floating restaurant in the Bay. The white sand beach and palm trees have been created by owner Forbes Kiddoo to add to the atmosphere on the 700+ ton sea vehicle which is the creation of the houseboat designer turned restaurant entrepreneur. There is a full island-themed bar serving up drinks to the visitors and if you find that the conversation has grown dull at the underground bar or wine cellar then you can always strike up communion with one of the surrounding barking sea lions. There are private rooms for special events and the menu is gourmet with everything from Wild Mushroom Ragoût appetizers to Filet Mignon and Rack of Lamb entrees. The prices aren't that bad for such French cuisine and the fact that you are paying for a truly unforgettable experience on this floating city restaurant.

There is a great romantic ambiance to such a place which makes it ideal for memorable weddings or just enjoying a quiet night out with your significant other by the cozy underground fireplace. Most of the online reviews are very good so make a reservation and take the short boat ride over (only accessible by boat) to Forbe's floating island San Francisco city restaurant. Get a taste, literally, of what the seasteading movement may be like as the structure rocks to and fro in the waves of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and for a moment imagine that you are free from the oppression of big government.


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    • instantlyfamily profile image

      instantlyfamily 6 years ago

      I've been wanting to take another trip into the city.Now even more so. I have enjoyed Forbe's restaurant many times in the past. I think it's time for another visit. Thanks for sharing.