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Secret Recipes From Your Favorite Restaurants

Updated on August 30, 2011

Secret Recipes From Your Favorite Restaurants Wouldnt that be awesome?

Do you want secret recipes from your favorite restaurants? With three children in the house it is hard most of the time to keep up with what everyone wants for breakfast,lunch, and dinner. I certainly wish that I could go back to making just the one dish for the entire family with no complaints but as the children grew older they developed different appetites or allergies. My husband and I have been spending so much money on restaurant food purchased from our local grocery store and from the restaurants themselves that its become absolutely ridiculous. While the spending is definitely not what we wanted, the food has been awesome with no complaints from the kids. In fact most times to save a little we take them all out every other weekend for the one dish nobody complains about which is the Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza and if you have tried that pizza you know its absolutely one of the best.

I recently came across secret recipes from your favorite restaurants a way to make everything that we have been ordering out or purchasing from the drive thru's right at home using the same exact recipes as the famous and most popular restaurants use. While sounding amazing to me at first I still wondered if that was really possible or if it would really be less expensive because I would still have to buy the ingredients but I thought I'd give it a shot after consulting with my friend who's always encouraging me not to try to cook new things. I decided to test my luck on the easiest thing and if you are a stay at home mom then you know one of the quickest home cooked meals that gets your family full plus turns out great everytime is chicken.

I decided to try the KFC Chicken recipe, I found myself nibbling out of every batch that came out, if I'd known it was this easy to create that same taste KFC would have never seen me or my family members ever again, even the mashed potatoes came out exact. It was definetely all in the seasoning and sauces. My family loved it,especially my husband but i definitely wasn't going to make KFC Chicken every night because there was so much more to try.

It became all about trying different things,sort of a contest to see if mine would come out exact or better than the original. I did this with Olive Garden recipes,pizza hut recipes, TGI Fridays recipes,Steak House,McDonald's recipes,Apple bee's recipes among many others. Where as we were spending nearly $469 per month on food, it is now down to $276 just buying ingredients for recipes. We still go out from time to time but its really no big deal. I have even taken some of the recipes and added my own ingredients to them,maybe I'll open a restaurant someday because everyone loves to eat and will never grow tired of that. I'm glad i did come across the secret recipes from your favorite restaurants because it changed family dinners for the better.

Create Food From The Best Restaurants At Home


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