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Secrets to Great Corn on the Cob

Updated on July 13, 2009

Corn on the Cob

Yummy... Fresh Corn on the Cob

   Growing up in the Midwest, I've learned a few tricks and tips to having and eating the best corn on the cob.  My family seems to prefer the minimalist approach of boiling and eating with butter and salt, none of that crazy grilling or weird cheesy toppings.  So this is what we do to have great corn.

  • You must must must get your corn at the farmers own stand.  They sell corn that they usually have picked that morning.  In the Midwest, peak harvesting is in July and August.  The more south you go, it may start a bit sooner.  It's never as good even at the farmers market and definitely not from the grocery store, where it may have sat a few days in transport.
  • Eat the corn the same day your purchase it.  If you wait, even a day, you lose some of the sweetness and tenderness of the kernels.
  • Shuck it right before you cook it.  Don't leave them shucked on the counter to dry out.
  • Put about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of sugar into your boiling water before adding the corn.  Laws of osmosis here.... if your corn is full of sugars and your water is not, it will all transfer out of the corn while cooking.  If your water has as much or more sugar as the corn, none will be lost.
  • Boil for 6-10 minutes depending on your preferences, but no more.  Anything over 10 and it will taste like that chewy frozen stuff.  Heck, at times at the peak of the growing season, we could almost eat it raw the kernels are so plump and ready to burst.
  • Once removed from water, put on plate and take directly to the table.  If the corn cools to much then your butter won't melt, and that's no fun.  The easiest way we have found to apply your butter, is to take a stick of butter and peel off half the wrapper.  Rub exposed end along your corn for desired amount of butter.
  • Top with salt.  Fresh ground sea salt is best, seasoned salt is a close second, and regular old table salt is a great standby.
  • Eat and Enjoy!  Don't worry about the mess, that's half the fun!

Now get out there and enjoy the great staple of this nation.  The crop that fuels our souls and sometimes even our cars =)

Thanks for stopping by.  Take a peak at my other hubs about cooking.


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    • my-success-guru profile image

      my-success-guru 8 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hey Late2class!

      WOW great tips! Your really know your corn! I love corn on the cob! Thanks for sharing your secrets!

      To your success,