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Seitan Vegan Thanksgiving And Christmas Turkey

Updated on October 30, 2013

If you are unsure of what exactly Seitan is, please read my other hub entitled: Seitan (Wheat Gluten) - Meat Substitute and then come back here to savor these mouthwatering recipes.

"Please don't eat me!"
"Please don't eat me!" | Source

Seitan Vegan Thanksgiving And Christmas Turkey

Some people don't want to eat a real turkey because they love turkeys and animals, and others don't want to eat them because they hate them. Whatever your reasons, if you want to cook up a vegan or vegetarian turkey this holiday season for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, you may want to try out some of the videos I have lined up for you on this hub which show you how to make a Vegan Turkey.

With this, you can eat without guiltâ„¢; as no animal blood will be spilled, plus it is kosher (halal) food. This will also make a great substitute for meat, esp during religious observances like The Nine Days where people refrain from eating meat.

If you are not that familiar with Seitan, a vegan mock meat with Chinese origin, you may want to check out my other hub entitled: Seitan (Wheat Gluten) - Meat Substitute which explains to you what Seitan is.

Also be aware that there are people who are gluten intolerant, said to be suffering from Celiac/Coeliac disease and hence, are allergic to Seitan, in which case, you won't want to serve this dish to them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Seitan. It's just that these days, due to reasons unknown - you can blame hell lot of things - exposure to man-made chemical additives in food, etc - lots of people has become allergic to wheat gluten. This is becoming common like it is in fashion just like autism. So if you are going to make this, better to serve it for family or friends who are vegetarians or vegans. If guests, you will need to know in advance whether they are sensitive to gluten. ;)

Seitan is easily available from Asian stores. If you are hundred of miles away from one, worry not. Just get it from Amazon, you don't even need to get out your front door. ;)

And without further ado, here are the videos showing you 3 different approaches to making Seitan vegan/vegetarian turkey:

Youtube: Seitan Turkey Roast

Youtube: Vegan Turkey Loaf

Youtube: Sei-turkey Roast

"Sorry! I'd just discovered Seitan. Next year I won't eat any real turkeys, I promise!" :D
"Sorry! I'd just discovered Seitan. Next year I won't eat any real turkeys, I promise!" :D | Source


All we need now is someone to market a turkey mould, and none will be able to tell whether it is really turkey! ;)


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    • Dense profile image

      Dense 7 years ago from somewhere in a concrete jungle, hugging a green plastic tree, and wondering what happened

      Glad to be of help! ;)

      I intended to write something on TVP but can't think of a good angle. Get your TVP, make something nice with it and maybe you can beat me to it. ;)

    • profile image

      the fix 7 years ago

      BTW I really appreciate all the products you listed to get from Amazon. I have been wanting to find TVP and haven't been able to find it. Duh, didn't think to look on amazon. :p

    • profile image

      the fix 7 years ago

      Cool hub, I think I will try this next year. I would really like to stop eating meat and it is especially hard during the holidays.