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Set Up A Super Bowl Specialty Spread!

Updated on December 29, 2009

So it's obvious you'll be planted in front of your TV on Super Bowl Sunday, rooting for your team, (what happened to the Aints anyway) or laughing at a clever commercial. But more importantly, many of you will be running to your local convenience store on Monday to grab some antacid.

The sales of antacid at 7-Eleven jump 30 percent the day after the biggest game day of the season. All those hot dogs, nachos and fat slices of greasy pizza do take their toll. Whether you're one of the football worshippers who will head to Miami to watch the AFC and NFC's best battle it out, or one of the millions who will view it from the comforts of a couch, it's going to be a big day for your stomach.

Although coolers, food or beverages cannot be brought into Miami's Dolphin Stadium, fans there will have plenty to choose from on Super Bowl Sunday. Gone are the simple days of hot dogs and popcorn. Stadium food has risen far above that standard fare, offering posh eats in addition to the traditional favorites.

For those football fans that won't be sitting in the Miami sunshine on Super Bowl Sunday, the culinary options are endless. Yet home viewers seem to favor grab-and-gobble foods. According to the Snack Food Association, fans who watched the game on television last year consumed more than 13.7 million pounds of potato chips, 9.3 million pounds of tortilla chips, 4.8 million pounds of pretzels, 4.2 million pounds of popcorn and 2.9 million pounds of snack nuts.

It's a wonder antacid sales aren't even higher than they are.

Not a fan of the snack food group? Plan ahead and order from your favorite local restaurant. Or, if you've got some extra time on your hands, get into the kitchen.

Beer and buffalo wings aren't your thing? Host a wine and cheese affair. This is an especially great idea for football widows or folks who don't know the difference between a touchback and a touchdown, but love an excuse to get together with friends.

Pay tribute to your favorite teams: If you’re a bottom dwelling but draft day topping St. Louis Rams fan, show off your patty-making skills by turning ground lamb into Ramburgers. If you’re over 21, wash them down with a bottle of Budweiser, an Anheuser-Busch company that’s not only the sponsor of the Bud Bowls, but also based in St. Louis. (Don’t forget about your favorite beer-battered items!) If you like the Seahawks, serve salmon; if you like the Eagles, serve cheesesteaks; if you like the Broncos, serve prairie oysters (ugh...). If you’re leaning more towards Tennessee, host a barbecue. Again, for those of drinking age, include moonshine and bourbon on the menu. If you’re old school and still referring to the Titans as the Houston Oilers, just serve anything greasy. If you really think that the Cleveland Browns are in a rebuilding phase; that Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time; that Raheem Morris is an NFL caliber head coach; that Brett Favre isn't a washed up grumpy old man; or that the Jaguars are going to stay in Jacksonville, then please check the Yellow Pages for your nearest psychiatrist. If you're a Detroit Lions fan... well... just accept my deepest condolences.

Create an assembly line of dips and spreads. They're easy to make and eat. Give them names like "Touchdown Tomato Spread," "Halftime Herb Dip" or "Game-Day Guacamole."

Be careful, however. Just because Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day of food consumption (behind Thanksgiving, of course) doesn't mean you need to eat and drink yourself sick. Do yourself a favor and avoid the lines at 7-Eleven, as well as the bitter taste of antacids.


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