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Shabu-shabu at Gloria Maris, Gateway Mall

Updated on October 21, 2012
Photos by Maria Cecilia
Photos by Maria Cecilia

Gloria Maris is a leading and authentic Chinese Restaurant and shall I say one of the oldest restaurant that I know but I haven't tried dining in there yet because most of the people that I dined in with usually preferred Filipino food or if not pizza pasta or a buffet.

It was by accident that we landed at Gloria Maris, my friends and I were supposed to try the pasta of another Italian Restaurant but when we saw Gloria Maris beside it,I instantly changed mind because I saw the Shabu shabu sign, but still I considered my friends' preferences and luckily they agreed to try Gloria Maris.

Chicken Feet and Siomai

The moment we stepped inside the restaurant, we are already decided to try the Shabu-shabu but as a starter, Sang ordered Chicken feet and I ordered Siomai. I really like both, I mean it is still different if you eat those in a real Chinese Restaurant, although Siomai stores are almost everywhere, the original is still the best. Wish I can order more but we knew we need to reserve space for shabu shabu.

The Stuff that we are going to soak in the broth

Watercrest is my favorite vegetable to soak in my shabu shabu, good thing it is included in the package set according to the number of people the would want a shabu shabu in their table. We chose the first package that is good for two or three persons. Aside from the watercrest assorted dimsum was also serve in a big platter, together with prawn, beef sliced thinly, pork, crab sticks and also the thin transparent noodles, then the vegetable group in a separate platter like corn, radish, green leafy vegetables and others that I forgot the name,

Depending on the appetite or capacity of the person, the first package that is good for three is more than enough..

The Clear brothe and Sate'

I recommend to always have two types of broth when ordering a shabu shabu, I love this sate broth, though spicy but the taste is very good. For those who are not so into spicy stuff, the clear broth is a good choice.

The first time I tried the shabu shabu was somewhere in Chinatown, and it became my favorite since then. My chinese friend Marj know all the chinese restaurant that offers good shabu shabu, from the famous Ongpin to Malate, but we never really tried Gloria Maris. Now that I discovered Gloria Maris, I will not need to go to Ongpin just to experience my favorite shabu shabu, Gateway Mall in Cubao is just a ride away from Marikina and very accessible via LRT if I will be coming from my office. I will definitely return to Gloria Maris with friends.

Friends enjoying the shabu shabu
Friends enjoying the shabu shabu
oh so yummy
oh so yummy


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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

      Hi RichieMogwai this is my favorite....lucky you but always remember to eat healthy. well me I wish that I don't gain weight each time I post a dining-in hub LOL

    • RichieMogwai profile image

      Richie Mogwai 5 years ago from Vancouver

      My, my, those dumplings are to die for. And oh, chicken feet, chicken feet. I always have those. They are so fun to eat. I feel lucky I live next to Chinatown here in Vancouver. So guess what I'm having for lunch today?