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Updated on May 5, 2012

Great tea

A wonderful choice of refreshing teas
A wonderful choice of refreshing teas | Source
A relaxing venue to enjoy a chat with friends
A relaxing venue to enjoy a chat with friends
A great selection of teas to buy
A great selection of teas to buy

A place to relax

Shambala is more of a Tea House than a café. It has a huge variety of teas, black, green, red, white, health and fruit variations, which you can try before you buy a packet to take home with you.

Inside the café is quite dark and peaceful as it’s subterranean. There is a fish tank as you enter going down the steps and inside there is a fish pool with very friendly fish that come to the surface when you go near to look at them. Of course they’re expecting food, but it’s nice all the same. There is a small gallery where you can go to sit on cushions (shoes off before you go up) and there is also a small side room with soft seating.

Me, Myself and I have all been there before but on this occasion I went with Myself after we had been to the Flower Show at the University. It was a Saturday afternoon and it was surprisingly quiet inside. Personally, having been outside in the blazing sun for several hours I was quite relieved to be in the cool atmosphere. We just had tea. Why go to a Tea House and have coffee? Of course this is an option and there are more than 10 standard coffee drinks to choose from as well as a couple of variations on the hot chocolate them and fruit cocktails and shakes to choose from. They also serve cakes and one or two basic savouries as well.

Myself chose Angel’s Touch which is a very pleasant and aromatic green tea and I chose cinnamon and plum redbush tea. Last time I came I had a Redbush Chai which I preferred. I sat up in the gallery that time with another friend who also does yoga so it was fun to try the cross legged seating for a prolonged period. That was in an evening, when it’s much busier in there.

The tea comes in a pot and you drink out of lovely little bowls in the oriental style. There is enough for about 3 bowls in the pot and is enough to determine whether you like the variety enough to want to invest in a pack of the loose tea, or even a pretty tin to store it in.

The other terrible temptation in Shambala is the home made chocolate. They have a lovely display of beautiful chocolates for sale. So far I have managed to resist but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to do so for ever.

Shambala can be found adjacent to the final stop of the 61 tram at Móricz Zsigmond körtér at Villányi út12. If you love tea then this is a very pleasant place to visit and it’s comfortable enough for a prolonged sojourn when meeting friends. The tea isn’t cheap but you get a reasonable amount that can easily stay warm enough to drink over the course of an hour or more.


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