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Steak Tips and Coke? Oh Yeah!

Updated on July 6, 2011

Where's The Beef

You've been to your favorite restaurant and have ordered the steak tips often. They cut like butter and melt in your mouth as you savor every last bite. What is the secret you ask yourself? Why can't I cook my tips on the grille and have them come out like that?

I have tried many different marinades and have come across a pretty good recipe for cooking steak tips. The first thing is the cut of meat. I like to use sirloin strips as shown in the photo accompanying this hub. Sometimes I can get the beef at a pretty reasonable price. When the price is approaching $8.00 a pound it's time to hit another store however.

Step 1. Get yourself a nice big bowl for mixing the marinade. You'll want three key ingredients. A bottle of Coca-Cola. A bottle of italian dressing and a bottle of ketchup. In the large bowl add the three ingredients in equal parts. I use a big ole plastic cup that you'd use when pouring beer from a keg. Hmmm.... that actually makes me think, BEER? I should try that.

After adding the Coke, Italian dressing and ketchup stir it up good. I do add a few other ingredients to the mix before I add the beef. A splash of soy sauce, salt, minced garlic and a small amount of sugar.

Next step is to cut the sirloin strips into large chunks. Larger chunks won't overcook to fast. I like my steak tips on the rare to medium rare side. Once the beef is cut into chunks (about 2 inches square) put them in the bowl and let them marinade. Sometimes I let them marinade overnight, sometimes only for a few hours.

Time to fire up the grille. A good hot grille is important. Don't put the steak tips on until the grilling surface is good and hot. You'll want to sear all those flavors right in to the chunks of tips. Beef cooks fast. About 3 or 4 minutes on each side is all you'll want to cook them. Keeping the grille cover closed keeps the smokey goodness inside. After a couple of minutes open the cover and use some tongs and squeeze the steak tips. If they squish easily they are not ready to turn yet. There should be a little resistance that you will feel. Once they are turned I can see the nice charred markings from the grilling surface. My mouth is watering now. I can't wait to eat.

Plan ahead when thinking about what you will cook with your tips. If you're cooking rice then start the rice before you put the beef on the grille. Experience tells me that I don't want to be waiting for the rice to finish cooking and have the steak tips get over cooked. I like to take the meat off the grille and put it right onto the plate with the rice and maybe some asparagus or some steamed spinach. Keeping the steak tips warm waiting for the side dishes is going to mean the meat keeps on cooking, especially if you covered the tips with tin foil which traps the heat in.

I would really enjoy some sharing from fellow Hubbers that may have some other ideas for steak tip marinades. What is in your recipe? Maybe molasses? Maybe you've found a recipe from one of the gazillion recipe sites here on the internet? Share with me. I would really like to try some new marinades. It doesn't have to be beef. Maybe you cook lemon pepper chicken or turkey tips?

Thanks for reading this Hub and hope to get lots of responses.

Happy 4th of July and happy grilling.


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    • profile image

      ben 3 years ago

      Here's a kansas city secret... grape jelly

    • Thomas Chopelas profile image

      Thomas Chopelas 6 years ago from Salem, New Hampshire

      I would imagine if he could cook good steak tips, he can good other things as well. Maybe someday he could get a show on the Food Network. He'd need a sidekick. Thanks for the comment.

    • singlmomat52 profile image

      singlmomat52 6 years ago

      Yummy!!!! I do like goo d steak tips!! I never had them till this guy I know cooked them for me. He is a awesome cook and I did enjoy them very much!! It does sound like the same recipe he used!! Happy grilling and thanks for sharing!!