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Shirataki Noodles - The Slow Carb Pasta Miracle

Updated on April 23, 2012

If you are trying to reduce refined carbs in your diet, you will be experiencing the health benefits of weight loss, stable blood sugar, and increased energy… but you may be really missing some of the white carb foods you are accustomed to building many of your favorite meals around.

Miracle Noodles are carb-free!!

I was so thrilled then to discover shirataki noodles from the Miracle Noodle company. Because for me, I did OK cutting bread and rice, but pasta I *really* craved… oh I know the craving’s in my head, but I have lived in Europe all my life and so many traditional meals are based around pasta, as well as the sauces and flavour combinations I really miss.

Miracle Noodles have a secret. They are not based on wheat at all, but a little-known Japanese plant fiber called glucommanan. They have some truly incredible properties:

  1. They are COMPLETELY CALORIE FREE. Yes, you read that correctly. They are composed purely of soluble fiber, which is not involved in digestion, and does not add to the energy quotient of your meal
  2. They are, as a result of the first point COMPLETELY CARB FREE, yup that is 0g net carbs.
  3. Because they contain soluble fiber, they give you a feeling of fullness and satiety, not unlike eating a carb-heavy meal in fact. This slows glucose absorption too, smoothing blood sugar levels.
  4. They are 100% vegetarian and vegan
  5. They are wheat free, gluten free and also Kosher
  6. They do not even require cooking! Simply tip from the sachet, rinse thoroughly, and then use with your favourite pasta or noodle recipes
  7. They come in a range of familiar noodle and pasta shapes, and easily absorb the flavors of any soup, dish or sauce.

Shirataki Konjac, the basis of Miracle Noodles, has been known and used in Asia for over two millennia. It is known as Moyu or Juruo in China, and Shirataki or Konnyaku in Japan. The lower risks of life-style diseases in far Eastern countries has long been known, and much made of the use of soya in the diet, that is now heavily promoted in the West for health benefits. However soya has many health controversies associated with it, and just perhaps there are other factors in the legendary Japanese longevity?

Are you trying to eat fewer refined carbohydrates these days..?

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Certainly the secret of shirataki noodles is only now emerging to scientific scrutiny – a scientific study in Canada has found them significantly helpful in managing diabetes, and other research in Italy (birthplace of spaghetti!) indicated positive benefits for obese patients, due to the satiety effects. They are simply not yet that well known, which is very surprising.

In terms of cooking, you can use them in a wide range of recipes, that you have previously enjoyed using wheat pasta or noodles. The texture is more similar to Eastern noodles, than European pasta, in my opinion, but they are now produced in a range of shapes including small rice-like pieces, and broad fettucini-style ribbons. There are a range of recipes on the miracle noodle site based on Japanese style ingredients such as seasame oil and shredded vegetables, they all work deliciously well, but I have also used them with more traditional Italian-style sauces containing basil and olives. Because of the lack of cooking time, meals are literally on the table in minutes, you just need to rinse the noodles thoroughly first because they have a slightly unusual odor when you first open the packet. They also absorb new flavors well, so you can cook them briefly in a stock or soup to capture this.

If you haven’t tried ‘Miracle Noodles’ I strongly urge you to do so, particularly if you have any health concerns including weight control, diabetes (or pre-diabetes), or insulin-resistance problems, raised cholesterol, or digestive problems like constipation. The product has been featured in Shape Magazine, Men’s Health, and also on the Racheal Ray Show.

Take a closer look at shirataki Miracle Noodles… you won’t look back.

Disclaimer: smothering shirataki noodles in a ton of full-fat Carbonara sauce, *may* offset some of the weight loss effect…


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    • profile image

      Tamara14 3 years ago

      Very interesting, I've learned something knew. I will have to try it soon :)

    • bloggering profile image

      bloggering 6 years ago from Southern California

      Hmmm - I'll have to try this product out. Thanks for posting!