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Shopping at Aldi

Updated on June 19, 2013

An Aldi store is a no-frills grocer offering food, goods and seasonal merchandise at discounted prices. The character of this grocery chain begins in the parking lot which is empty of shopping carts and employees. Shoppers holding their own reusable shopping bags walk a short distance to the chained-up carts next to the entrance door. The carts are unlocked by the insertion of a quarter. The store entrance is clean and absent of any promotional display except for a simple metal rack holding the weekly Aldi flyer.

The store layout guides shoppers down the first of five aisles that are defined by rows of pallets which support neatly stacked boxes of merchandise. Aldi carries its own brand with few exceptions. Limited choices allow the consumer to decide simply between creamy and crunchy as opposed to Peter Pan, Jif or Goober Jelly. There is even a small selection of wine and beer neatly displayed on one of the only permanent shelves in the establishment.

Aldi does not offer an expansive selection of fruits and vegetables. However, popular and high quality produce is always available and fresh.

It is impossible to unload the shopping cart onto the conveyor belt and keep pace with the clerk who move quickly. Keep the bananas and chips for last to be sure they are on the top. After packing your own groceries on the counters provided, you’re done. A week of healthy food to feed a family of four (including 2 bottles of wine) for $89.00 is liberating, to be sure.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      I have never heard of the Aldi store around here, but I will do some research. Sounds like they are a pretty reasonable place to find some bargains. Thanks for the information.

    • Anne Pettit profile image

      Anne Pettit 4 years ago from North Carolina

      They don't sell high powered assault rifles either. LOL

    • profile image

      Ghaelach 4 years ago

      Don't know if they are taking advantage of people as you say, but the two of them together come up with a nice sum total of approx 33 Billion Euro's. They didn't that rich for doing nothing, and that's about 45 billion $.

      Stick to Aldi if you can.

      LOL Ghaelach

    • Anne Pettit profile image

      Anne Pettit 4 years ago from North Carolina

      How interesting! Out of curiosity, are the richest men in Germany taking advantage of the working class as Wal-Mart is here?

      Thanks for your comment. My family has survived some tough times more easily because of access to Aldi stores.

      I won't shop at Wal-Mart.

    • profile image

      Ghaelach 4 years ago

      Hi Anne.

      It doesn't matter where you live in the world "ALDI" is the same and run on the same strategy in each store.

      I live in the home of "Aldi" where two brothers started the firm. One having the north of Germany (Aldi Nord) and the other bother having the South of Germany (Aldi Süd). They both soon became the richest men in Germany with Aldi South doing slightly better.