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Woman shopping for groceries with your partners

Updated on May 26, 2012

Family Shopping together

shopping for groceries
shopping for groceries

Shopping for Groceries

I am not sure I like doing groceries shopping with my husband especially at times when I want to try a new recipe or new type of ingredient. I get so angry anytime he tells me and give me excuses like “You can not buy this now” or “we don’t need that at this time” or “you can not do any food practical at this time” and sometimes he says, “Let us stick to what we came to buy”. Though, most times he saves me from unnecessarily spending but sometimes I go back to pick those items whenever I do my shopping alone. When we eventually try something new, we both enjoy that new recipe.

Although, there have been various arguments about products brands and even time spent during shopping but what I have realised is that marriage is a continuous learning institution. You just have to be patience when dealing with your partners,

Recently, I have seen a need to always make a shopping list when it comes to groceries shopping because this has prevented me from unnecessary spending


Try to make a list before going shopping
Try to make a list before going shopping


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    • lola oyedotun profile image

      Lola Oyedotun-Balogun 5 years ago from Calgary

      @papernotes..Most men just never love shopping like we women do..they say we are from another planet to love shopping..

    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 7 years ago

      I would like my husband to accompany me and my daughter each time we do grocery shopping but knowing him, I know that instead of enjoying the time with him, I would just end up being irritated because he would rush me and I cannot buy some of the things that we need at home.