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Should I Eat Green Bananas-The Healthy Way To Eat

Updated on June 5, 2012
Green and Yellow Bananas
Green and Yellow Bananas | Source

Green Bananas

I always thought it was a matter of opinion on how you liked to eat your bananas.I prefer them ripe because they are softer as well as a little sweeter, and the green bananas taste slightly bitter.

Apparently the ripe bananas tastes sweeter because some of the starches have turned to sugar, but this does not affect their calorie content,as it has the same as a green banana.

However,eat a green banana and your body will absorb fewer calories.How is this?

The less ripe a banana is,the more resistant starch it contains,and so the slower it is absorbed into your body(making yourself feel fuller for longer).The undigested starch passes into the large intestine,so your body takes in fewer calories

How We Eat Our Food

So are there any other foods we should eat,or prepare differently?

How about Carrots, should they be steamed or boiled?Recent research has shown that boiled carrots have a higher content of carotenoids- important to our bodies,as it is used to make vitamin A,which is vital for healthy hair and skin,as well as helping us with our immune system.

The boiled carrots also contain more vitamin C than the steamed carrots,28mg per 100g, compared to the steamed which has 19mg per 100g serving.

Cold mash, anyone?
Cold mash, anyone? | Source

When your potatoes are chilled or cooled they have found to have more resistant starch,again this is the same as green bananas where the fibre ends up in your large intestine,meaning fewer calories and helping to improve bowel regularity.

Cooking potatoes breaks down the starch cells they contain making them easier to digest.So cooked potatoes are in this case better than raw but not as beneficial as eating the potatoes when they have been chilled.

Now all we need to do is find a great fat-free potato salad recipe.

Tinned sweetcorn is better for you.It has now been accepted that vegetables bought in cans nave the same benefits as fresh vegetables.

Whether sweetcorn is one of you five a day or not,the heat treatment used in the canning process swells the amount of antioxidants in the corn by over 40%.These antioxidants keep the cells in your body healthy and lower the risk of health problems with your organs.

Natural Foods

Most of us accept that the more natural your food,with less additives,the better it is for your health.But it is also interesting to know the manner in which we eat our food can make a difference.Let me know,if you know of any more ways that a difference in the way we eat our food can benefit our health.


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    • profile image

      Luciano 3 years ago

      I'm certainly not a local food pisrut. I believe that we should all do the best job we can do with the resources available in our areas. Things like meat, milk, eggs, veggies should absolutely be local, but spices? You use such a small amount. I buy most of my dry goods like spices and grains in bulk, along with oils.For me, the bottom line is about refrigerated shipping. I don't want to eat anything that's been shipped across the country in a refrigerated truck that would be fresher and better if I got it nearby.Anything that we can't get locally (like, yes, bananas) we buy organic and fair trade.

    • ronaldoh profile image

      ronaldoh 5 years ago from England

      Thanks for looking in ksha,, a lo of people I know will not eat green bananas.

    • profile image

      ksha001 5 years ago

      I'm from a Jamaican background and we incorporate a lot of green bananas in our diet. I've never thought about the nutritional benefits, I just assumed it was healthy lol. However they taste great!