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Why Should I Stop Drinking Soda? Long and short terms effects if you don't

Updated on September 11, 2012

Everyone has a favorite drink, whether it may be soda, water, tea, or something else. My personal favorite is soda, and I’m sure a lot of people would agree. However, you may have heard that sodas are bad for you. Are sodas bad for you? Yes, they are!

But what exactly makes them bad for us to drink? Not only are regular sodas bad for us, but diet sodas are just as bad! Some of the following health effects of diet soda are not 100% proven to be accurate. However, that being said, I would not post any reasons here that did not have strong evidence as being a health hazard.

Weight gain depression...

First, studies show that a large chunk of an overweight person’s calorie intake comes from sodas. Sodas are said to be the biggest single source of empty calories in the American diet. They use to be an occasional treat, but now are a part of everyday lives and meals. It is also said that the body doesn’t fully ‘recognize’ the calories in sodas, so it doesn’t register that it has taken in the proper amount of calories, therefore it makes you think that you still need more.

With taking in more calories, you gain more weight. The more weight you gain, the more depressed you tend to get. When a person becomes depressed about their weight, one of a couple things will happen. They will either get motivated and work to lose their weight, or they will just continue being depressed and become unmotivated to do much of anything at all. The people who don't do something about their weight gain and are depressed, tend to become more prone to get diseases and forming more health issues, such as heart attack and stroke, because they aren't exercising or stopping their excessive calorie intake. For these reasons it is extremely important to exercise at least a few times a week to lessen your chances of further health concerns.

A professor at New York University has even stated that pediatricians that treat overweight children, have reported that many of their patients take in 1,000 to 2,000 calories a day from sodas alone. According to a calculator on ... The average calorie intake of a 25 year old woman at 150lbs should be 1931 max to maintain her weight.

I’ve played around with different ages, heights and weights and the majority of the time the max amount of calories that you should take in still seems to stay between 1200 and 2000 calories a day. So, if people really are taking in half, or more, of that in sodas alone, that in itself can tell you why drinking sodas is bad for you.

Mountain Dew Mind…

This is one that I haven’t heard about before, but recently came across the information and found it interesting. I found out that Dentists have a name for a condition they see in people who drink too much Mountain Dew, called “Mountain Dew Mouth”. This is mainly because people who drink excessive amounts of sodas like Mountain Dew, drinks that have high sugar levels, tend to have a mouth full of cavities.

There is an ingredient used in some of these soft drinks called brominated vegetable oil, or BVO. This ingredient is used to prevent the flavoring from separating from the drink. It is also an industrial chemical used as a flame retarded in plastics. The chemical has been reported to cause memory loss and nerve disorders when consumed in large quantities. It is also said that the chemical builds up in body fat, causing behavioral problems and infertility. I had heard of the infertility one before, but not the behavioral problems.


Plastic garbage is killing animals and marine life...

This reason doesn’t necessarily go under the category of why sodas are bad for you, alone, but I still felt like it was worth mentioning since I am an animal lover myself. I’ll probably even talk about why you should recycle at a later time, but for now I would like to say that when you drink sodas… whether it is from a can or bottle, sometimes your trash makes it to animal habitats.

Perhaps you try your best to make sure that your trash makes it to the disposal properly, but maybe a stray bottle escaped from the garbage truck while it was driving down the road, and fell into a creek that led somewhere that animals feed. I’ll use the Pacific Ocean for example, plastic trash gets to parts of the coast by many different means but the reason why it’s a bad thing is very simple. Birds, sea turtles, fish, and many other animals mistake the trash for food. And since the animals cannot digest plastic, and they eat large quantities of it, it causes them to die.

Diseases and other health concerns of drinking soft drinks…

There have been many experiments conducted to prove if soft drinks cause health issues other than weight gain, and many have proven that yes, they do. One of the more popular health concerns states that sodas can cause stroke. And even diet sodas can cause things like Obesity, kidney damage and certain cancers.

Drinking sodas, yes even diet sodas, on a regular basis can even lead to UTI’s: Urinary Tract Infections. These are very painful, and hard to get rid of if you continue to drink sodas after getting a UTI. The best thing to do when you assume you have a UTI, is to immediately stop drinking any sodas, grab some water or cranberry juice and call your doctor to get an appointment set up so you can grab some anitbiotics.

There are so many factors that make sodas a bad thing. However, does this mean that people will stop drinking them? Probably not, I know some people will, though. Just remember that a soda every now and then is okay. The amount of 3 sodas a week is considered ideal in most cases.

What is your favorite drink?

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    • missa72542 profile image

      Melissa White 5 years ago from Arkansas

      I don't believe I came across anything like that when I did some of my research, But I will check again later today and add anything that I find out :)

    • profile image

      Derdriu 5 years ago

      Missa, Have you come across information suggesting that the "worst" of the soft drinks are the dark-colored ones such as the colas because they particularly encourage lower torso thickening? Since dentists call a mouth full of cavities "Mountain Dew mouth", I'm wondering if colas are more fattening and lighter-colored drinks more tooth-decaying!

      My parents were very attuned to healthy eating since my father was a university track star and my mother shared his love for bicycling, sailing and swimming. The only "soft drink" that we had growing up was Squirt, which is made from fruit juices: hmm hmm good!

      Respectfully, and with a big welcome to HubPages and with many thanks for sharing all the facts regarding not-so-soft soft drinks, Derdriu

    • pollobowl profile image

      pollobowl 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Love this hub! I think soda is a huge contributor to obesity, and I'm glad that as a child it was just never in my house. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but do drink it occasionally at parties and such when it's the only thing available.

    • missa72542 profile image

      Melissa White 5 years ago from Arkansas

      That's very good, to exercise to counter it. I'm not sure I could stop drinking it altogether, so I just limit myself.

    • A K Turner profile image

      Joseph A K Turner 5 years ago from West Yorkshire

      great hub, interesting premise, personally I love soda, but I limit my intake, I only drink it at work normally. Although I do a lot of exercise so it counters it.

    • missa72542 profile image

      Melissa White 5 years ago from Arkansas

      Yeah, I've been drinking sodas on an almost normal basis since I was a little girl and that would be all I would drink. So, I'm pretty much hooked now but I've gotten myself into drinking water a lot more often.

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I enjoy the occasional soda but you're reasons for not drinking soda are definitely right. It tastes good but in the long run you'll be overweight with cavities. I try to drink water mostly but I do like a break from it now and then just to switch it up but soda is not worth the calories. Interesting hub!